CTET December 2019 P2 Mathematics & Science Questions Paper Part 2

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42. The circumference of the base of a right circular cylinder is 528 cm and its height is 2 m. What is the volume of the cylinder? (Take )





43. The area of a quadrilateral is 227.2 and the length of the perpendicular from the opposite vertices to a diagonal are 7.2 cm and 8.8 cm. What is the length of the diagonal?

A. 26.8 cm

B. 28.4 cm

C. 30.2 cm

D. 32.6 cm

44. If , then what is the value of ?





45. What is the value of , where and ?

A. 138

B. 154

C. 162

D. 176

46. The expression is equal to





47. What is the mean of the median, mode and range for the data given below?

A. 31

B. 32

C. 33

D. 34

48. A mathematical theorem is

A. a statement that has been proven by logical arguments based on axioms.

B. a statement which is always true and doesn՚t need proof.

C. a statement whose truth or falsity is not known.

D. is a statement without sufficient evidence for proof.

49. “Things which are equal to the same thing are equal to one another.” This axiom which is basis to arithmetic and algebra is given by:

A. Euclid

B. Pythagoras

C. Descartes

D. Euler

50. Which of the following can be used as assessment strategy to encourage interdisciplinary in Mathematics?

(a) Projects

(b) Field trips

(c) Anecdotal records

(d) Olympiad

A. a & b

B. a & c

C. b & c

D. c & d

51. Which method can be used to prove “The sum of two even integers are always even” ?

A. Proof by induction

B. Direct proof

C. Proof by contradiction

D. Counter positive proof