CTET December 2019 P2 Mathematics & Science Questions Paper Part 3

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52. Which of the following skills are promoted by mathematics at upper primary stage?

(a) Visualisation

(b) Transposition

(c) Memorisation

(d) Generalisation

(e) Estimation

A. a, b, d, e

B. a, b, c, d

C. b, c, d, e

D. a, c, d, e

53. Which of the following tasks is least likely to develop critical thinking among students?

A. Evaluate in three different ways and compare the result.

B. Formulate any two situations to represent the equation

C. The student calculated the volume of a right circular cylinder of radius 3.5 cm and height 10 cm as . Where did she go wrong?

D. Calculate the volume of a right circular cylinder of radius 3.5 cm and height 10 cm.

54. Which of the following aligns with the overall objective of achieving ‘Mathematics for All’ as per NCF-2005?

A. It should be acknowledged that mathematics is meant for selected few students.

B. Textbooks should only include problems of average difficulty.

C. Contributions of mathematicians from different regions and different social groups should be highlighted.

D. Mathematically talented students should be groomed in isolution.

55. Which of the following is considered as a characteristic of an effective mathematics classroom?

A. Group work and group problem-Solving is discouraged.

B. It is emphasized that mathematics is essentially a concrete subject.

C. Multiple way of approaching a problem are encouraged.

D. Steps for solving a new problem are neatly demonstrated on the board by the teacher.

56. Which of the following is a desirable practice in the context of teaching and learning of measurement of volume?

A. Begin by writing the formula of volume of a cube.

B. Encourage precise calculation right from the beginning.

C. Begin by introducing students to the volume of 2-D figures.

D. Encourage students to figure out ways to calculate the volume of different objects.

57. Which of the following is NOT true according to Piaget՚s view of children՚s understanding of space?

A. Progression of geometric ideas follows a definite order.

B. Progression of Geometric ideas follows a historical rather than a logical order.

C. Early understanding of space is formed by child՚s sensory motor experiences.

D. Co-ordinate of different visual and tactile experiences is required for understanding projective space.

58. If then the value of x is

A. 29

B. 39

C. 46

D. 47

59. If an 8-digit number 30x 0867y is divisible by 88, then what is the value of ?

A. 4

B. 5

C. 6

D. 7

60. The value of






61. Directions: Answer the following questions by selecting the correct/most appropriate options.

‘X’ is a chemical present in our stomach and is necessary for digestion of food. When ‘X’ is secreted in excess, it causes health problems like indigestion. ‘Y’ is a chemical used to treat this condition. What could be ‘X’ and ‘Y’ ?

A. X is hydrochloric acid & Y is sodium carbonate.

B. X is milk of magnesia & Y is hydrochloric acid.

C. X is hydrochloric acid & Y is milk of magnesia.

D. X is milk of magnesia & Y is ascorbic acid.