CTET December 2019 P2 Mathematics & Science Questions Paper Part 4

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62. In which of the following processes, Bacteria is NOT used?

A. Formation of curd

B. Baking of bread

C. Fermentation of Sugarcane juice

D. Nitrogen fixation

63. Which of the following is different from the rest?

A. Deforestation

B. Desertification

C. Erosion

D. Conservation

68. Manjula is observing her image in a plane mirror. The distance between herself and the mirror is 5 m. She moves 1 m towards the mirror. The distance between herself and her image now is

A. 1 m

B. 4 m

C. 8 m

D. 10 m

69. A pendulum oscillates 30 times in 3 seconds. Choose the correct statement from among the following:

A. It՚s time period is 10 s and frequency 3 Hz.

B. It՚s time period is 0.1 s and frequency is 10 Hz.

C. It՚s time period is 10 s and frequency is 0.3 Hz.

D. It՚s time period is 0.3 s and frequency is 0.3 Hz.

71. Which of the following statements is/are correct?

(a) Iron can replace zinc from zinc sulphate Solution

(b) Zinc can replace copper from copper sulphate Solution

(c) Copper can replace Iron from Iron sulphate Solution

A. only a

B. only b

C. a and b

D. b and c

72. Identify the correct statement from among the following:

A. Clinical Thermometer can be used to measure the temperature of boiling liquids.

B. Room thermometers have a range from

C. Laboratory thermometers have a range from

D. The range of a laboratory thermometer is greater than that of a clinical thermometer

74. A bus travels at a speed of 50 km/h for 12 minutes & then at a speed of 40 km/h for the next 18 minutes. Total distance covered by the bus during this time is-

A. 20 km

B. 22 km

C. 24 km

D. 28 km

79. Which of the following validities of a good science education curriculum is satisfied by Activity and Experiment?

A. Cognitive

B. Historical

C. Environmental

D. Process

81. Which of the following should NOT be an objective of science education at the upper primary level?

A. Nurturing the natural curiosity of children.

B. Inculcating the values of co-operation and concern for life.

C. Cultivating scientific temper.

D. Emphasising the textbook definitions of concepts.

82. Which of the following can enhance critical thinking among children?

A. Asking children to read science textbook in the class.

B. Asking children to read the extended learning given at the end of the textbook.

C. Asking children to discuss among themselves in groups followed by sharing in large group.

D. Demonstration of experiments by the teacher.

84. Which of the following activities will NOT provide for active learning among children?

A. Establishing science club

B. Organisation of field trip

C. Developing a science corner

D. Listening to a lecture class

85. Which of the following is used for finding the learning gaps of learners in science?

(a) Concept map

(b) Anecdotal record

(c) Portfolio

(d) Term end achievement test

A. d only

B. a and d

C. a, b and c

D. b, c and d

89. Which of the following statement is NOT true?

A. All arteries carry oxygen rich blood.

B. All arteries carry oxygen from heart to other parts.

C. Arteries have thick walls.

D. Arteries have elastic walls.