CTET July 2019 Paper 2 Social Science Questions Paper Part 1

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32. Consider the statements A, B, C on time zone and choose the correct answer:

(A) Some countries have a great longitudinal extent and so they adopted more than one standard time.

(B) The earth has been divided into twenty-four time zones of one hour each.

(C) Each time zone covers of longitude.

A. A and C are correct, and B is incorrect.

B. B and C are correct and A is incorrect.

C. A, B, C all are correct.

D. A and B are correct and C is incorrect.

33. Choose the correct arrange of atmosphere՚s layers beginning from earth՚s surface:

A. Troposphere, Stratosphere Mesosphere, Thermosphere Exosphere

B. Exosphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Troposphere, Thermosphere.

C. Mesosphere, Troposphere, Exosphere, Stratosphere, Thermosphere

D. Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere, Exosphere, Troposphere

36. Which of the following statements about ocean currents is/are correct?

A. The cold currents carry water from polar or higher latitudes to tropical or lower latitudes.

B. Labrador is a warm current.

C. Areas where warm and cold currents meet provide world՚s best fishing grounds.

A. A and C are correct.

B. B and C are correct.

C. Only A is correct.

D. A and B are correct.

40. Swimmers can float In Dead Sea because:

A. More warm currents than cold currents originate in the sea.

B. The sea experiences more high tides than low tides.

C. The increased salt content makes the sea dense.

D. Winds blow at a very high speed over the surface of sea water.

41. Consider the statement. A and B about land use and choose the correct answer:

A. Land use refers to use of land exclusively for agriculture and forestry.

B. Land use is primarily determined by its topography.

A. A is false, and B is true.

B. Both A and B are true.

C. Both A and B are false.

D. A is true, and B is false.

42. Shelter belts help in:

A. Retaining soil moisture.

B. Slowing down the flow of water over soil.

C. Preventing gullies and hence further soil loss.

D. Checking wind movement to protect soil cover.

45. Which of the following statements about a ‘diverse society’ is correct?

A. It would have differences in culture and power.

B. It would have similarities of language, religion and culture.

C. It would have differences and similarities in language, culture and religion.

D. It would have differences and inequalities in language, religion and culture.

46. Which of the following statements challenges gender stereotypes?

A. Women are fashion conscious.

B. Women are responsible bus drivers.

C. Women are nurturing.

D. Women are very emotional.

47. Which of the following composed the main demand of the suffragettes?

A. Right to bureaucratic roles for women.

B. Adult franchise for propertied women.

C. Adult franchise for working class.

D. Right to vote for women.

49. Which of the following statements about Ain-i-Akbari is correct?

A. It deals with Akbar՚s ancestors and records the events of Akbar՚s reign.

B. It was written by Mirza Hakim, who was one of Akbar՚s courtiers.

C. It has rich statistical details about diverse aspects of Akbar՚s administration.

D. It is the first volume of the three-volume history of Akbar՚s reign titled Akbar Nama.

51. Which of the following was not a feature to Athenian democracy?

A. All citizens were expected to serve in army and navy.

B. All the citizens attended assemblies that were held for deciding upon matters.

C. Appointment for many positions were made through lottery.

D. All the free men and women above 30 years of age were recognized as full citizens.