CTET July 2019 Paper 2 Social Science Questions Paper Part 3

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70. The teaching of social and political life should focus on:

A. Study of Political Institutions

B. Study of Basic Principles

A. Only B

B. Both A and B

C. Neither A nor B

D. Only A

71. While planning a small group activity with students, which of the following should be emphasised?

A. To create a challenging task.

B. To teach students to work together.

C. To select groups thoughtfully.

D. Completion of task.

A. A, B, D

B. A, C, D

C. B, C, D

D. A, B, C

75. Which of the following can a Social Science teacher critically address while discussing the theme, ‘Advertisement’ ?

A. Appeal to the personal emotions.

B. Issues of equality.

A. Only B

B. Neither A nor B

C. Both A and B

D. Only A

76. ‘Discuss few more reasons that are responsible for changes in land use pattern.’

In context of the above question, as a Social Science teacher you would be assessing students՚ skill of:

A. Generalising

B. Inferring

C. Hypothesising

D. Classifying

79. Consider statements A and B on the practice of apartheid:

A. It discriminates between races but allowed all the right to vote.

B. It prevents mingling of races but gives equitable public facilities to all.

Choose the correct option:

A. Only B is true.

B. Both A and B are true.

C. Both A and B are false.

D. Only A is true.

81. Which of the following work is the responsibility of a ‘Patwari’ ?

A. Executing employment schemes for land development.

B. Preventing land disputes by investigating complaints.

C. Measuring land and keeping records.

D. Construction and maintenance of common property.

82. Which of the following statements on the functioning of a local urban administration is correct?

A. Commissioner is elected by ward councillors and s to him/her.

B. Ward councillors form committees to resolve issues of governance.

C. Ward councillors are headed by the Sarpanch.

D. Commissioner of a municipal corporation makes and decides the budget for the year.

83. Consider List - A and List – B

List - A has different types of rural employment.

List - B has different kinds of loans taken.


(a) Agricultural worker

(b) Large farmer

(c) Middle farmer


i. Health and off- season consumption

ii. Fertiliser, Pesticide, Seeds

iii. Government loan for agro-processing plant

Match items of List - A with List - B, based on most likely reason for loans:

A. ii, i, iii

B. i, iii, ii

C. iii, i, ii

D. i, ii, iii