CTET Paper 2 Social Studies 2019 Question Paper Part 12: Download All the Papers for 2022 Exam

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34. Monilia ailment and witch՚s broom are identified with?

A. Cocoa

B. Tea

C. Cotton

D. Coffee

35. Which is the most expensive coal mining type?

A. Slope mining

B. Shaft mining

C. Drift mining

D. Stripping

36. Biggest reserve of ‘Monazite’ in the world is situated in which among the country?

A. Sri Lanka

B. India

C. Brazil

D. Australia

37. The highest life expectancy is found in which of the following region?

A. Monaco

B. Japan

C. New Zealand

D. Australia

38. Anger Dorf is a type of green village found principally in which of among regions?

A. Western France

B. Eastern France

C. Western Germany

D. Eastern Germany

39. Which of the following centres is the biggest Iron-Steel Industry of Japan?

A. Tokyo-Okahama

B. Yavata-Tawata

C. Hiroshima-Kobe Region

D. Nagasaki-Fukuoka

40. Which is the most thickly populated part of Indonesia?

A. Java

B. Sumatra

C. Bali

D. Kalimanatan

41. In which of the following can be utilized for regional outline?

A. Central Place Model

B. Losch Settlement Model

C. Rank Size Rule

D. Gravity Potential Model

42. What does not cause Regional Imbalances?

A. Lack of resources

B. Lack of technology

C. Sustainable development

D. Uneven distribution of resources

43. Nodal regions are demarcated:

A. On the basis of resource base

B. On the basis flow of goods

C. On the basis of uniformity

D. On the basis of spatial interaction

44. Where is Jharia coal fields located?

A. Jharkhand

B. Bihar

C. Chhattisgarh

D. Orissa

45. Consider the following seas:

A. Black sea

B. Baltic sea

C. Dead sea

D. Red sea

The right grouping of those seas in descending order of salinity is:

a) A, B, C, D

c) B, A, D, C

b) D, B, C, A

d) C, D, A, B

46. In which among the subjects are studied racial traits of Man?

A. Sociology

B. Palaeontology

C. Hydrology

D. Anthropology