CTET Paper 2 Social Studies 2019 Question Paper Part 3: Download All the Papers for 2022 Exam

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28. What is Pisciculture?

A. Rearing of cattle

B. Rearing of small insects

C. Rearing of fish

D. None of these

29. The origin of the Himalayas are described in which of the following theory?

A. Subsidence theory

B. Conventional current theory

C. Plate tectonic theory

D. Progressive wave theory

30. Which one of the following type of forests are located in the Tarai region of Uttar Pradesh?

A. Edges forests

B. Grass forests

C. Wet deciduous forests

D. Evergreen forests

31. In which of the following process is responsible for the formation of Laterite soil?

A. Deposition of loess

B. Deposition of alluvial

C. Denudation

D. None of these

32. The number of female is higher than male in which of the following states of India?

A. Kerala

B. Andhra Pradesh

C. Chhattisgarh

D. Manipur

33. Which one of the following rock group is contained 98 % coal of India?

A. Gondowana rock group

B. Tertiary rock group

C. Dharwar rock group

D. Cudapoa rock group

34. Which one of coming up next is an instance of footloose industry?

A. Paper industry

B. Cement industry

C. Manufacturing of electronic components

D. Aluminium industry

35. Which agricultural system is depicted as “child of industrial revolution” ?

A. Livestock ranching

B. Subsistence tillage

C. Collective farming

D. Intensive subsistence tillage

36. Which classification of maps will be the most appropriate to demonstrate the distribution pattern and forms of settlement?

A. Chrochromatic

B. Chromo schematic

C. Choropleth

D. Isopleth

37. In which of the following characteristic is suited to Cadastral maps?

A. Distribution of crops

B. Relief and drainage

C. Showing urban areas

D. Showing the boundaries of fields and buildings

38. Which among the following region have the highest bio-diversities?

A. Polar region

B. Mediterranean region

C. Monsoon region

D. Equatorial region

39. Which one of the following plant is developing in extraordinary cold soil?

A. Psammophytes

B. Halophytes

C. Psychrophytes

D. Oxylophytes

40. The transition zone between two distinctive types of communities is referred to as …

A. Biological clock

B. Biological spectrum

C. Ecotone

D. Biome