CTET Paper 2 Social Studies 2019 Question Paper Part 5: Download All the Papers for 2022 Exam

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54. Which of the following definition is identified with Abyssal?

A. The upper surface of the ocean

B. The lowest part of the mountains

C. The lowest part of the plateaus

D. The lowest depth of the ocean

55. Which of the following are the fundamental characteristics of the intensive farming system of the developing countries?

A. Large size agricultural land

B. Limited use of chemical fertilizer

C. Small size agricultural land

D. Use the mechanism of the field

56. Which of the following period is related to coal reservoir of India?

A. Quarternary period

B. Tertiary period

C. Vindhya period

D. Gondowana period

57. Which one of the following Himalayan River is not Antecedent River?

A. Indus

B. Kali

C. Jhelum

D. Sutlej

58. Which of the following industries are located near the raw material?

A. Sugar

B. Ship building

C. Light engineering industry

D. Oil refinery

59. Which crop group may be appropriate for Rajasthan to keep climate in view?

A. Jawar, maize and barley

B. Maize, ragge and jawar

C. Oilseed, swarand and bajara

D. Barley, jawar and ragge

60. Which one of the following pressure belt is referred to as doldrums?

A. Equatorial belt

B. Temperate belt

C. Mediterranean belt

D. Polar belt

61. Petroleum is found in what kind of rocks?

A. Plutonic igneous

B. Metamorphic rocks

C. Sedimentary rocks

D. Igneous rocks

62. Which of the following index is highly sensitive to point out social pathology?

A. Death rate

B. Crime rate

C. Birth rate

D. Rate of unemployment

63. In which of the following suggests the post-stage of demographic transition?

A. Transitional society

B. Urban society

C. Aborigine society

D. Farm society

64. Which of the subsequent regions is known as ‘carbon sink’ of the world?

A. N. W. Europe

B. Tropical rainforest

C. Antarctica

D. Savana

65. Which of the following map is appropriate for displaying population density?

A. Pie diagram

B. Bar diagram

C. Dot

D. Choropleth

66. Nathula pass is placed in which trade ways?

A. India Tibet trade way

B. India Myanmar trade way

C. India Nepal trade way

D. India Bhutan trade way

67. The thermal energy project does not have an effect on which of the following pollution?

A. Noise pollution

B. Soil pollution

C. Water pollution

D. Air pollution