CTET Paper 2 Social Studies 2019 Question Paper Part 6: Download All the Papers for 2022 Exam

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68. Which among the following is the inexhaustible very useful and easy source of chemical fertilizers?

A. Nitrogenous Fertilizers

B. Phosphate Fertilizers

C. Bio fertilizers

D. Composed fertilizer

69. What is the basic nature of concept of optimal population?

A. Social

B. Economical

C. Agricultural

D. Biological

70. Which of the following tribal group is not always steady at a land mass continually?

A. Munda and Oraon

B. Bhumij and Toda

C. Munda and Ho

D. Khasi and Garo

71. In which of the following significant characteristics is identified with the forest ecology?

A. Beautification of landforms

B. Change in climate of any region

C. Check the soil erosion

D. Getting timber wood

72. What is the definition and meaning of Ghetto?

A. Control region of a city where the vast majority of the poor people live

B. A squatter settlement in a city

C. Residential district, which especially preserves of one ethnic group

D. Residential district in the core of a city

73. Which among the following gas is a highly effective fire extinguishing agent?

A. Oxygen

B. Argon

C. Halogens

D. Halons

74. The gas particles that take in thermal infrared radiation and are available in an enormous amount to change the climate system regarded as –

A. Beta radiations

B. Ozone gases

C. Greenhouse gases

D. Gama radiations

75. In which of the following chemical substance utilized in industry for adhesives, vapor degreasing, and cold cleaning?

A. Carbon monoxide

B. Hydrocarbons

C. Methyl chloroform

D. Carbon tetrachloride

76. Which atmospheric layer contains the ozone layer?

A. Troposphere

B. Exosphere

C. Mesosphere

D. Stratosphere

77. The earth gets warm to keeping the exchange of outgoing and incoming radiations which is known as?

A. Ozone layer depletion

B. Infrared effect

C. Radiation effect

D. Greenhouse effect

78. Which of the following radiation have longer wavelengths and lower energy?

A. Alpha radiation

B. Infrared radiation

C. Ultraviolet radiation

D. Beta radiation

79. What is the name of the protocol signed to minimize the production of CFC?

A. Montreal protocol

B. UVB protocol

C. Kiyoto Protocol

D. UVA protocol

80. In which of the following transition area of a river become influenced by tides?

A. Estuary

B. Salt marsh

C. Natural Levee

D. Fiord