CTET Paper 2 Social Studies 2019 Question Paper Part 7: Download All the Papers for 2022 Exam

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81. Which coming up following isn՚t a threat to Indian culture?

A. Languagism

B. Religious orthodoxy

C. Ideological differences

D. Terrorism

82. In which of the following articles gives reservation of seats for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes in the House of the People and legislative assembly?

A. 370

B. 334

C. 388

D. 307

83. Which among the following assertions is valid?

A. Negroid are the inhabitants of Andaman and Nicobar

B. Melanesian or Papuan are found in Borneo

C. The Bushman Hottentots in the Kalahari Resent of South Africa

D. The Bantu are inhabitants of Eastern Highlands of Africa

84. Biosphere reaches out in the sea up to which of the depth?

A. 4000 mtr.

B. 12000 mtr.

C. 9000 mtr.

D. 5000 mtr

85. Most severe ozone depletion has been discovered in which of the following locations?

A. Mid latitude

B. The South Pole

C. The North Pole

D. The equator

86. Who is enabled to proclaim National Emergency?

A. Parliament Prime

B. President of India

C. Governors of State

D. Minister of India

87. ‘Right to Vote’ in India is it within the following rights?

A. Fundamental Right

B. Constitutional Right

C. Natural Right

D. Legal Right

88. The taxes in India are gathered by Panchayet which is known as?

A. Custom Tax

B. Sales Tax

C. Tax on Local Fairs

D. Dividend Tax

89. Which Articles consists of ′ Protection of Interest of Minorities?

A. Article 26

B. Articles 27

C. Article 29

D. Articles 30

90. Maximum profits of India is Dependent on which sector?

A. Agriculture and allied sector

B. Industry sector

C. Service sector

D. None of these

91. Which among the following Articles is stated as the ‘Heart and Soul of the Constitution’ ?

A. Article 50

B. Article 32

C. Article 36

D. Article 20

92. Who used to be the first President of India?

A. Dr. S. Radhakrishnan

B. Dr. Rajendra Prasad

C. Sri. V. V. Giri

D. Dr. Zakir Hussain

93. There are six imperative rights furnished by the Constitution. Which among the following is not among six fundamental rights?

A. Right to Protest

B. Right to equality

C. Right against exploitation

D. Right to freedom of religion

94. Which Article guarantees the extinction of Untouchability?

A. Article 16

B. Article 17

C. Article 18

D. Article 19