CTET Paper 2 Social Studies 2019 Question Paper Part 8: Download All the Papers for 2022 Exam

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95. What is the 3rd biggest country in the world based on land area?

A. Russia

B. China

C. India

D. Canada

96. What is the world՚s Longest River?

A. Yangtze

B. Amazon

C. Mississippi Missouri

D. Nile

97. Which Indian lake has the highest water salinity?

A. Sambhar

B. Chilka

C. Wular

D. Loktak lake

98. In which of the flowing rivers is the principle river in the territory of Jammu and Kashmir?

A. Indus

B. Jhelum

C. Chenab

D. Nubra

99. Why canal irrigation is most essential in the Northern Plains of India?

A. the sources of canals are perennial rivers

B. the soil is porous

C. inexhaustible store of underground water

D. Arable land

100. Which soil has a high water holding capacity?

A. Desert soil

B. Laterite soil

C. Regur soil

D. Red soil