Preparation Tips for the PhD CUCET 2020

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It is very common among candidates that they are unknown to the way of a proper study. Most of the candidates don’t know which subject they have to study and for how much duration, which is the scoring section, negative marking scheme, etc.

How to Prepare for CUCET 2020

  • Follow Proper Time Table

  • Be Aware with the Syllabus

  • Start your Preparation on Time

  • Revision

  • Work on Basic Concepts

  • Improve your Skills

Follow Proper Time Table

At the very first, candidate needs to make a proper study schedule. If you haven’t made a timetable, then you will never study in a systematic way. Always make a timetable first and strictly follow it on a regular basis. It always plays an important role in student’s life. If you have a prepared time table then you can easily follow it.

Be Aware with the Syllabus

Go through the complete syllabus and list out the topics which you have to study for the exam. First of all, go for the official syllabus prescribed by the exam conducting authority. Gather all study materials and helping books as per the syllabus.

Start Your Preparation on Time

It is very important to start your study on time so that you will cover your complete syllabus before few days of the examination. Don’t think that I will start from tomorrow or day after tomorrow, just start if from today. Keep this thought in mind and start your preparation. If you will start your study earlier then only you will spare some time for the revision before exam.


It is very basic and common rule to learn your topics till exam day. Never miss to do revision just after finishing one topic. So, keep following it on a daily basis.

Work on Basic Concepts

Always focus on your concepts. In most of the exams, the questions will be based on concepts to check the candidate’s knowledge and basic concepts. Try to make your concepts clear and strong. If your concepts are clear, then you can easily solve the concept base questions. So, give more time to work on your concepts.

Improve Your Skills

Improving the skills will always proof that it is useful for any exam. Just go through the previous year questions papers, practice papers, mock test, online test, etc. to improve your skills.