A Workaholic, Responsibilities Regarding Multiple Projects

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  • Workaholic people love their work.
  • They are always ready to take responsibilities regarding multiple projects and tasks assigned to them.
  • The working hours are longer.
  • Staying hours at home are shorter with few hours to sleep.
  • Such people are there in jobs and businesses.
  • Vacations and social visits with friends are almost not there.
  • Americans are mostly hard working people and likes to work for hours per week.
    • Avoid vacations with the fear they may not have work proper task at hand on returning from vacations.
    • With the lack of replacement hiring more and more workers are putting in extra hours to complete the work.
    • Working more and more for the financial outcomes.
  • Workaholism becomes an issue when a person starts giving importance to only his work and puts it above everything i.e.. Work alone becomes the sole reason for a person՚s existence.
  • Further the connected environment through the use of e-mails, instant messaging, fax machines, cell phones, and digital assistants have made it hard for workers to truly get time away from their work.
  • At the same time workaholism can lead to the decline and destruction of families along with serious stress-related health problems.
  • Hard work should not be confused with Workaholism, Hard workers do find time for work and personal life and can work normally. However workaholics fail to maintain the same and cannot function well outside of work.