An Inner Self Makeover, Four Essential Principles of Successful Makeovers

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  • An instant transformation.
  • A person get to know and become a whole new person.

Four Essential Principles of Successful Makeovers

The Harsh Light of Day

  • Doing an honest appraisal of one՚s current reality.
  • One should be ruthless but fair.
  • Frequent questions arising:
    • What is working well?
    • What is broken, doesn՚t suit oneself, or leftover from a previous life?
    • What do you like and want to keep?
    • What values are honoured or ignored in the way one՚s life looks today?

Bigger, Brighter, Bolder

  • The new look becomes more vibrant and impressing with the pictures.
  • The colours are more intense.
  • The individuals seek attention to themselves.
  • One should imagine all the aspects of his/her ultimate dream as bigger, brighter, and bolder than ever.
  • Capturing the vision and exploring the emotions that comes up.


  • Continue to hold oneself as the bigger and brighter.
  • Attention should be payed and notices should be changed.

Reflection in the Mirror

  • A way to see oneself.
  • How one will recognize himself/herself as being transformed?
  • Picking out some ways to measure success:
  • Honest feedback from friends and family,
  • Acknowledgement from boss.
  • A certain number of hours per week devoted to creative pursuits or peace and quiet.