Answers to Common College Admission Related Questions, Questions Formulation Based on 2004 Questions Study

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  • The college admission process usually consists of marketing and advertisements and admission counselling sessions.
  • To get a diverse group of applicants meeting certain quotas, the colleges market advertisements to prospective students.
  • The students present or update their qualifications to the colleges once the decision has been made regarding the college admission.
  • The college admission staff will admit those students who will fit well on the campus eligibility criteria.
  • Later on the students file nomination for that particular place or branch where they prefer to get admitted.

Questions Formulation Based on 2004 Questions Study

  • What are the important activities that a high-school junior should prepare for during the year to best maximize his or her college planning?
  • what՚s the importance of grades? Do a student՚s look at all four years equally or only the final two years are important? With mixed grades is it possible for a candidate to apply or decide for admission w. r. t academically challenging courses?
  • What is the importance of on-campus visit and interview for a prospective student? Is it that a marginally acceptable student with great sales skills and a passion for college make a positive impact with a personal interview?
  • What is the importance of leadership activities such as sports, clubs, student government, etc. and why they are so important to the college admissions process?
  • The main criteria schools use to rank and decide on acceptances:
    • Academics (grades, rigor, class rank) ,
    • Standardized test scores,
    • Application essay (s) ,
    • Recommendations, and
    • Outside activities seem to be the main criteria schools use to rank and decide on acceptances.
    • Discussing any other components used to judge applications.