Checklist for Career Fair Success, Using Career Fair Checklist, Activities to Accomplish Before the Event Career Fair Checklist

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Using Career Fair Checklist

Activities to Accomplish Before the Event Career Fair Checklist

  • Taking ample time to read one or more of the articles on working career fairs.
  • Visiting the career fair Websites.
  • Pre-registering with the career fair whenever possible.
  • Obtaining the list of organizations attending the event.
  • Deciding on the organizations one is more interested in:
    • Conducting research on each.
    • Gathering basic information about the company (size, organization, locations, top management) , their products, and standing in their industry.
  • It is generally suggested to interviewing with the top companies first.
  • Finish polishing ones resume.
  • Review for keywords and accomplishments.
  • Checking for typos and other spelling errors.
  • Customizing for each targeted organization.
  • Print out extra copies of the standard resumes to bring to the career fair.
  • Consider a mock interview.
  • Reviewing common interview questions at the same time preparing few questions to ask the recruiters.
  • Check for attire:
    • Wearing a well-fitting suit to career fairs whenever possible.
    • For men conservative shirt and tie, polished shoes, styled hair and removal of jewellery from visible piercings such as bracelets and earrings.
    • For women a conservative suit (pants or skirt) , shoes and pantyhose, styled hair, and removal of jewellery from visible piercings.
  • Use of handkerchief and not certainly the suit on which to wipe out sweats from the hands and arms.
  • A 15 - 30 seconds introductory speech is suggested.
  • Other useful though not necessary items for the career fair:
    • A portfolio of ones accomplishments.
    • Samples of work.
    • A stack of personal business cards.
  • In latest interviews Portfolios usually get more attention.
  • One՚s personal business card which is not the business card of the current employer could turn out to be a networking card or a resume highlights card.
  • Getting a good night՚s sleep the night before.
  • One should be ready with pen and paper for jotting down notes, contact information, and other vital details.

Activities to Accomplish During the Event

  • To establish rapport with each recruiter.
  • One should smile, make eye contact and offer a firm (but not death-grip) handshake.
  • Using your elevator speech.
  • Answering questions, showcasing knowledge of each company.
  • On should also remember to ask questions so as to have a better understanding of which organizations are the best fit for him/her.
  • Asking about the organization՚s recruiting timetable.
  • Soliciting information about the next step in the process.
  • The recruiter should be asked to forward candidate՚s information to that other recruiter wherever the candidate is looking to relocate himself/herself.
  • If there is no such business card to collect from the recruiter one should be sure to get all the contact information (including the correct spelling of each person՚s name) .
  • One shouldn՚t forget to thank each person he/she speaks with:
    • Taking the time to meet.
    • Talking about opportunities with his/her organization.
  • It is also suggested to make connections with people:
    • The recruiters
    • Fellow job-seekers
    • Career professionals

Activities to Accomplish After the Event

  • Sending thank-you notes to the recruiters.
  • Thanking recruiters for their time, interest, and help in your job-search.
  • Reflecting ones execution, results.
  • What he/she might have done more effectively?
  • Making some initial plans for improvement before the next career fair.
  • Once the career fairs is over there should be a plan to follow up with each recruiter (about two weeks after the career fair) .
  • Contact recruiters and expressing continued interest:
    • With the organization.
    • Your assurance of ability to contribute to the organization.
    • Getting more information about next steps in the process.

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