Career Research Checklist, Developing a Career Plan, Reviewing Books

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Career Research Checklist

  • Developing a career plan along with career-related research and gathering information about the same.
  • Taking one or more career assessment tests and are considered to be the first step in researching careers.
  • Reviewing books regularly about specific careers.
  • Studying about various occupations and learn about:
    • The nature of the work
    • Working conditions
    • Training and educational requirements
    • Earning potential, future job outlook, and more
  • Interacting with ones network of contacts at regular intervals that includes family, friends, professors, teachers, neighbours, peers, colleagues, mentors.
  • Conduct online research regarding suitable career options.
  • Exploring current job openings. It needs to be noted that different companies have different variations of jobs within the same career field.
  • Joining a job club is a good idea.
  • Consider volunteering.
  • Conducting informational interviews.
  • Attending one or more career fairs.
  • Visiting a local employment job or employment agencies.
  • Visiting ones college՚s career services office.
  • Using Web for finding industry organizations and other key career resources.
  • Finding one or more trade journals relating to one՚s career choice.
  • Going online or to local library and start reading trade journals:
  • To learn more about your career path.
  • Learning specific employment opportunities.
  • Looking for professional or trade organizations for one՚s career field.