Career Assessment Do՚s and Don՚ts, Helpful Tools of Self-Discovery

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  • One should be aware that assessments aim to help guide towards the right career.
  • These assessments are administered, scored and interpreted by qualified career counsellors.
  • One can also visit internet for a number of free career assessments.
  • Online career assessments need to be compared as per ones needs.
  • While taking free online assessments one should keep expectations in check.
  • One may attain some direction and guidance from these tests.
  • It is quite beneficial to take several different assessments:
    • To help one learn more about oneself.
    • To help one determine which tests provide the most reliable results.
  • Print outs should be taken and retained of the results of the assessments:
    • Compare results
    • Identification of the strong and weak areas.
  • Those free online assessment information that tells something about oneself that doesn՚t look or sounds true should be disregarded.
  • A variety of other self-discovery activities:
  • Examining strengths and weaknesses.
  • The activities one enjoy the most and least.
  • Helpful Tools of Self-Discovery:
    • And do read our article.
    • Online Career Assessments.
  • To have fun taking career assessments.
  • Self-discovery is an enlightening and often entertaining process.


  • One shouldn՚t overly reliant upon online assessments for magical answers.
  • There is always a possibility that these free online assessments initially might suggest for some career ideas and directions one had never thought of but later on may not be that beneficial or exploratory.
  • One shouldn՚t rely on free online assessments alone for self-discovery and career guidance.
  • It is always a good idea to meet with career counsellors, college students and alumni.
    • Usually have free or inexpensive access to counsellors.
  • It is recommended to supplement the results one has obtained from free online assessments with other assessments the counsellor might administer.
  • The counsellor should be asked for his help which can interpret and integrate the results of various assessments.