Facing College Interviews, Key Aspects, the Most Commonly Asked Questions

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Key Aspects

  • College interviews form an important part of Students from future working perspective.

  • An interviewer is the person who interviews wile interviewee is someone being interviewed.

  • The application forms, essays, transcripts, and recommendation letters--are evaluated in the supervision of admissions officers.

  • In most of the colleges interviews are being organized by an admissions officer or alumnus.

  • Interviews helps in knowing the candidate beyond the facts mentioned in the application.

The Most Commonly Asked Questions

  • Practice is the best way to do well in interviews.

  • Conducting mock interview with parents or teachers is a good idea.

  • Mock sessions help in self-analysis of the weak and strong points.

Type of Questions That Can be Asked or the Most Commonly Asked Interview Questions

  • Why a candidate wants to attend X or any particular university?

  • What are the strongest/weakest points?

  • What are the initial preparations of the student before attending college?

  • A student might be asked to share his/her experience from high school?

  • What he/she would likely to do in the future?

  • Telling about himself/herself focussing on three things.

  • Telling about his/her interests.

  • Tell me about your involvement in extracurricular activities.

  • Tell me about your family.

  • What are his/her views about a current event of the past week?

  • Which is the favourite book and who is the favourite author?

  • What are some of the accomplishments which he/she is proud of?

  • If a student gets a chance to meet any important figure in the past or present, who would it be and what he/she would like to talk about?

  • If a candidate is likely to become an animal which animal he would like to be and why?

Points to be Noted Once Interview is Over

  • It is ok if as a candidate or a student one has not done well during the interview session.

  • Once the interview is over it has been observed by the candidates that the same questions could have been answered in a better way.

  • It is quite normal that once interviews are over clever responses come to the mind.

  • Mistakes and stumbles during the interview also comes into mind which is also normal.

  • Interviewers may not go for a microscopy examination of each and every aspect or answers of the candidates’ in detail.

  • Interviewers generally observes the overall impression of the candidates.

  • A good impression can be created by:

    • Responding well in mock interviews.

    • Appearing relaxed and confident while answering questions.

    • Engaging well in two-way conversation.

    • Ideas based on observation can be used as an opportunity while attending other interviews.