Gaining Head-Hunter՚s Attention, Three Simple Rules, Using Correct Format

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Three Simple Rules

  • Using correct format.
  • Including plenty of quantifiable accomplishments.
  • Liberal use of keywords.

Using Correct Format

  • Chronological Resume format.
  • Recruiters generally do not like to figure out the complexities of a functional resume.
  • A functional resume gives an impression to recruiters as if the candidate is attempting to hide something.
  • It is quite easy for the recruiters to figure out job seekers as an undesirable candidate.

Use of quantifiable accomplishments

  • Essential towards helping the recruiter.
  • Since recruiters earn their fee by providing better candidates than their competition, ones resume should have “ACCOMPLISHMENTS.”
  • Quantifiable accomplishments are more convincing being connected to:
    • Bottom-line results
    • Revenue earned
    • Money saved
    • Market share increased
    • Costs cut or time saved

Liberal use of keywords

  • Important only in the short term.
  • Leads to future opportunity.
  • Many a times a recruiter is tasked to fill 10 to 100 specific positions.
  • Categorization of positions is done using qualifications identified by keywords.
  • The recruiters scan for those keywords while going through the resume.
  • Best ways to ensure ones resume is filled with keywords:
    • Job postings of target positions.
    • Identifying keywords of qualifications.
    • Finding the most commonly used keywords in 12 or more target postings.
    • Using such keywords words as the language of ones resume.
    • For future purpose recruiters keeps the copies of the resumes in candidate-tracking databases to sort later using keywords.
  • Proper etiquette should be followed while contacting recruiters and head-hunters.
    • The most effective initial contact is through email.
  • Recruiters spend 80 % of their time in proactively calling up prospective candidates and employers.
  • If a recruiter is impressed by the candidate՚s resume the candidate will be called.
  • The candidate shouldn՚t call up the recruiter again and again regarding the status of the resume.
  • Resumes send in both the Word attachment as well as in ASCII (plain text) format allows the recruiter to access the information in quickly and contact the candidate sooner.
  • Properly formatting the resume is an important and the first step towards influencing the recruiters as they have the power to introduce a candidate to the next level of recruitment.