An Ideal Careers – Pros and Cons to be Searched, Internet Job Portals

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  • Use of internet job portals such as Monster for suitable job searches.
  • The job portals are considered to be an effective tool for those who have not yet narrowed their job search.
  • Job portals are also recommended to get an idea of their marketability.
  • The Wall Street Journal reports:
    • 73 % of the recruiters spend time online searching for candidates.
    • Job-seekers could miss some really good opportunities if they don՚t visit the portals.
  • The major job portals can be more effective if they localize the search.
  • It has been observed that while trying to find a job in the HR profession:
    • Responding to ads that are out of state.
    • Is not an effective way to gain interviews.


  • Very rigid requirements by some hob boards.
  • The way resume or profile must be set up if it is to be posted on their site.
  • Becomes tough to make your credentials stand out.
  • At Monster. com one cannot use a functional resume even if that format does a better job of presenting his/her skills.
  • The best way to get resume noticed is through optimal use of keywords.
  • One can also supplement his/her resume postings on job boards by publishing resumes formatted the way one feel best highlights his/her qualifications on the Web page.
  • Sometimes it may also happen that the jobs posted on job boards are outdated.
  • The best way to avoid outdated postings is to check the posting date.
  • If one hears nothing from an employer he/she should try to follow up though not always easy.
  • Smart companies can always use the option of an autresponder to the mails received from job seekers.
  • It can be very difficult to direct resume to a named individual or to follow up after responding to a job posting.
  • A common problem for the job seekers is misrepresentation and unwelcome solicitations while posting their resumes on the job boards.
  • A quick overview of a person՚s experience with job boards over the last three months:
    • An interview with a career consultant (represented himself as a headhunter/recruiter) .
    • An interview with another headhunter who is also associated with the job board.
    • Using other job-search Websites regarding requests for resumes.
    • No feedback from applications to listed jobs out of perhaps 75 - 80 occurrences.
    • No interviews for real jobs.
  • Also it has been observed that some features offered by job boards received mixed reviews in terms of effectiveness as they require a fee.
  • Various key words used are “marketing,” “promotions,” “advertising,” and “events,”