Methods of Job-Hunting, Key Aspects, the First Step, the Second Step

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Key Aspects

  • There are many ways job-seekers can upon while trying for full-time employment.
  • Job-hunting on the internet is one method.
  • A traditional method of job-hunting that can be quite effective i.e. cold calling potential employers.
  • Cold calling, is also known as uninvited job-hunting and is a proven method of finding employment.
  • This method is extremely useful when four-fifths of the job market is “closed,” . There is a little or no possibility of finding available job openings unless one dig for them.

The First Step

  • Compiling a list of all companies that one might be interested in working for.
  • One shouldn՚t worry if the list is longer.
  • Gathering the list of companies is based upon by focussing upon:
    • A specific geographic area
    • A specific industry
    • A ranking of the best companies to work for
    • Any other method

The Second Step

  • Gathering the names of the people who have the power to offer a job.
  • Calling each company՚s main number and asking the receptionist (or department assistant) for the name and title of the hiring manager.
  • Involves field of expertise.
  • First point of contact should be the hiring manager in one՚s field.
  • Most of the hiring managers don՚t pay heed to the letter that is not addressed to them by name.

The Third Step

  • Cover letters are extremely important.
  • These letters serve as the point of first contact with the employer.
  • Letters before being sent needs to be individualized by addressing each to a named individual.
  • Highlighting some important points about the company is beneficial.

The Fourth Step

  • Making contacts with the people one wrote to in the third step.
  • It also means contacting these people over the telephone and asking for a job interview.
  • One should be persistent even if the potential employer says there are no current job openings.
  • One should not be rude or too pushy.