One՚s Name and Purpose of His/Her Visit to the Seminar, What is the Name

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What is the Name

  • A number of people start fumbling while introducing themselves.
  • This generally happens while addressing or introducing oneself to the group.
  • It is always suggested to stand and deliver while introducing oneself.
  • The voice should be loud and clear.
  • It becomes easy to build a rapport with a person the moment we start using our name.
  • One can make a chart writing just the first name of the people who are all standing for the introductory session as it helps in rapport building.

Purpose to Visit the Seminar

  • One should understand that he/she is networking at every place they go.
  • Networking involves:
    • Building relationships.
    • Learning things about other people.
  • People sharing their experiences of their lives.
  • It is great to hear about the wisdom a person has gained including the challenges they have overcome.
  • It is recommended to ask questions and learn about the person.
  • One should try and listen to the answer once a question has been asked.
  • Common queries:
    • somebody՚s requires him to be out in the public and meet people and he/she is very uncomfortable doing it.
    • He/she is an introvert and don՚t know what to say or do.
    • A person going to the events may find them boring and become so self-conscious.


Q. Did you have the opportunity to go a vacation last summer?

Ans: No, I didn՚t.

Q. If he/she is planning a vacation for the future?

Ans: No, saving for college admission of the children.

Q. How many children he/she has?

  • It is better to ask open-ended questions.
  • There is always a chance to ask the next question:
    • If he/she is truly focusing on the person and the conversation he/she is having.
    • To ask the next question.
  • The word “networking” needs to be changed as the younger generations instantly think of computer networking.
  • It has been observed that a no of Bookstores with the whole sections labelled “networking;” contain computer books.
  • it՚s not ideal about talking about business on a first meeting with someone, unless he or she asks.
  • To be good at networking:
    • One should be interested in interacting with people.
    • Watching circle of friends and acquaintances grow.