Preventing Employer Backlash Against Online Resumes, Tips One Can Follow Against Employer՚s Backlash

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  • Poorly crafted online resume.
  • This promising new mode of job-hunting may be losing its effectiveness.
  • It is quite okay to send resumes directly to the employers.

Tips One Can Follow Against Employer՚s Backlash

  • Employers often come across online resumes from applicants who aren՚t qualified.
  • One should make sure that he/she should send online resume in response to specific openings only.
  • Also one should be sure that he/she is qualified to fill those openings.
  • One should not send resume as an attachment unless an employer՚s Website or want ad specifically requests an attachment.
  • Major problems may occur while opening attachments at the recipient՚s computer.
  • E-mailed resumes are often poorly formatted.
  • Read the guidelines for scannable resumes.
  • The scannable resume is a print tool and it is also a text-based document.
  • Keywords are essential as employers search resumes by keyword.
  • Publishing resume on a Web page and simply directing the employer to ones Web resume.
  • A resume should always be accompanied by a cover letter.
  • Using text (ASCII) format for both your cover letter and resume.
  • The letter should be concised and limited too few screens only.
  • Some e-mail programs don՚t have spell-checker features unlike most word-processing programs.
  • One can also compose his/her letter in a word-processing program:
    • Can be served as ones follow-up hard copy.
    • Spell-check it.
    • Copy and paste it into an e-mail message.
    • One can enhance the readability of online cover letter with bullets created out of lower-case letter o՚s, plus signs (+) , dashes (-) , and asterisks () .
  • Both the resume and the cover letter should be send as one unified e-mail message.
  • Keywords are especially important in e-mailed cover letter.
  • These keywords are being picked up by the employers through search engines while looking for candidates who meet the company՚s criteria.
  • Employers feel pestered by online resumes being sent continuously seeking for instant responses.
  • Employers receive 100 or more e-resumes a day on an average.
  • Follow-up is important and it should be done once in every 3 - 4 weeks.
  • It is quite appropriate to remind the employer that as a candidate he/she is still interested thereby briefly highlighting one or two qualifications.

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