Summer College Prep or Academic Enrichment Camps, Key Highlights

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Key Highlights

  • It has been observed that in the increasingly competitive college admissions procedure some high-school students and parents are showing interests to college-bound programs.
  • These training programs are being offered by a variety of traditional and academic camps.
  • The number of member camps offering academics has grown about 15 % over the last few years according to the American Camping Association.
  • Students and parents looking for that extra edge:
  • Turning to bot traditional camps and college-prep camps located on college campuses.
  • In finding the perfect college.
  • Writing the admissions application and essay.
  • Mastering one of the standardized admissions tests.
  • These college-prep camps tough expensive are sold as a small investment into a very important decision.
  • Most of the camps cost several thousands of dollars for two- to four-week sessions where campers:
  • Spend all day working on essay writing:
    • SAT prep
    • Mock admissions interviews
    • Academic workshops
    • College visits
  • These camps are attended by the students after the junior year in high school to:
    • Prep for college selection.
    • Strive for academic excellence.
  • The value of these camps is being doubt in terms:
    • Both cost and time.
    • Cite better uses for the summer such as working, volunteering, learning activities that enrich the students՚ lives.

Summer Camps

  • Interesting academically oriented camps.
  • These camps prepare future business leaders.
  • The students are placed into teams to develop marketing and business plans.
  • At summer investment camps students learn the basics of investing and handling personal finances apart from raising money to start a business.
  • The campers learn the value of environmental stewardship through:
    • Classroom learning
    • Laboratory experiments
    • Exposure to a variety of ecosystems

Final Thoughts to be Kept in Mind

  • Summer College Prep or Academic Enrichment camps could help in better understanding and better preparing for the admissions process.
  • These camps also help in enriching an academic area of interest.
  • Preparing for better admission process also depends upon:
  • How much time spends with his/her high school counsellor?
  • How focused he/she is regarding choices for colleges?
  • Availability of opportunities.
  • It is also advisable to request statistics related to the academic achievement or college placement one is looking to get into.