Important 10 Common College, Career and Related Job Questions Part 2

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10 Common College, Career, Job Questions

  • What kind of job opportunities are there for teens and how one can find it?
  • How do I go about choosing a college major?
  • How to respond or deal with an employer՚s request for a salary history or salary requirements?
  • How to prepare for the best job offer?
  • What are the key elements that should be kept in mind while writing resumes?
  • Is there really any need to write thank-you letters to employers?
  • what՚s the importance of follow-up in job-search?
  • Should I moonlight -- get a second job -- and how do I go about doing it?
  • What are informational interviews and what՚s their importance?
  • Why job seekers need to know about the corporate culture and how to understand it.