Tips and Tactics for Older Workers Who Find It Difficult or Cannot Search for a Job

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Tactics to be Tried

  • Skills need to be updated.
  • Computer skills are extremely important.
  • One should be tech-savvy on the Internet depending upon the type of job he/she is looking for.
  • Practical knowledge of Windows-based programs such as word-processing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation applications are important. For e. g. Microsoft facilitates training programs through such organizations such as the AARP.
  • In case of a job loss one should try to get a new one as soon s as possible. With more delay it becomes difficult to find new jobs.
  • One should try and seek out companies that embrace older workers.
  • Networking is extremely crucial for older workers because jobs at the senior levels are least likely to be advertised.
  • Networking venues can be used as opportunities to show what one can do. Getting involved with professional associations, volunteering or consulting is important.
  • Joining the board of professional associations and then working to demonstrate skills to the membership is crucial.
  • One should seek a consulting or volunteer role that will afford the opportunity to achieve measurable results thereby enabling oneself to build relationships with a wider network of people.
  • Age seems to be irrelevant as soon as an employee gets perceived as a valuable team member.
  • Pool of targeted employers needs to be broadened.
  • Starting own business is an important aspect:
    • Starting business should target other older workers as customers or employees.
    • The SCORE Association (Service Corps of Retired Executives) is an appropriate source for assisting older entrepreneurs.
    • It is a non-profit association in which working and retired executives and business owners donate their time and expertise as volunteer business counsellors.
    • Also they provide confidential counselling and mentoring free of charge.
  • For retired persons getting pension and health benefits from old employer, It is ok to be working for salary only.
  • Compressed work week, flextime, job reassignment, job redesign, part-time work, job sharing, phased retirement, or telecommuting are the flexible options that may be advantageous.
  • Registering with temping agencies or recruitment agencies also helps in generating income, updating skills and building resumes while waiting for the perfect job.
  • Issues in finding a job may not be age-specific at all.
  • Locate programs that help with job training and employability skills for older workers.
  • If one truly believes that he/she has been denied a job because of age, a complaint can be filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission also one can talk to an employment attorney.
  • National Employment Lawyers Association can provide a list of employment attorneys in ones state after being requested for the same.