Ways to Raise Perks, an Interesting Example of Time Negotiation

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  • Raise in perks lead to increase in income of the employees.
  • Generally people do overtime at jobs to earn extra wages at work.

An Interesting Example of Time Negotiation

  • A lady was interviewed for a position that paid $ 20,000 a year working only 20 hours a week that happened with a client who wanted to earn $ 40,000 a year doing library work.
  • The lady could find out that they needed:
    • Total reorganization
    • Computerization
    • Security and better access for their patrons.
  • She could note that they needed more than 40-hour/week coverage.
  • Planned to handle that need by having a librarian there 40 hours.
  • Using $ 8/hour clerks for the balance of the time and some routine work.

Proposals Put by the Lady Before Taking up the Project

  • She would work only 20 hours a week on the higher-skilled tasks.
  • Besides clerical tasks training the two clerks to do higher-level library work.
  • Once these clerks were trained:
    • The library would have 100 person-hours of skilled coverage.
    • Instead of the 40 hours skilled plus 80 hours clerical that they had been using originally.
  • An amount equivalent of $ 40,000 was paid to her:
    • Working for $ 20,000 only half time.
    • With the team of three there was a better coverage all in all.

Other Ways to Negotiate Time

  • Flexitime
  • Personal days
  • Payments can also be made for unused vacation time.
  • Many people don՚t negotiate “comp time” for days they spend:
    • At conventions
    • Trade shows
    • Late with customers, etc.
  • One can increase his income in dollars per hour by paying attention to getting compensated for that time (either by money, or more likely with comp time) .


  • Discussing the compensation items with the boss at review time.
  • Discussing regarding the compensation may also occur at a time there is a change in company՚s operating procedures.
  • Excellence is rewarded almost everywhere.
  • The excellence needs to be tied up with a measurable quantity and linked to some dollar compensation.


  • Extra value in terms of time and bonuses should be considered.
  • As an employee one should always try to maintain the best decorum with utmost respect to the employers՚ work culture.