Visa Formalities

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  • Schedule Interview for the assessment.
  • Keep required Documents ready.
  • Provide all the necessary documents. It is advised not to do false documentation.
  • Arrange the Documents in Proper Order to be presented.

List of Essential Documents

The very essential documents are as under:

  1. All Semester Mark sheets in your under graduation
  2. Degree certificate or else Provisional certificate
  3. 10th and 12th certificate
  4. GRE & TOEFL score sheets
  5. CA statement
  6. All bank passbooks
  7. Family IT returns
  8. Affidavit of Support
  9. Valuation certificate of house and house documents etc.
  10. LIC, P. P. F. Statement, Valuation certificate of car (not particularly necessary) and also any documents relating to your car.
  11. You may also carry your professional honors such as gold medal or any other certificate.