Visa Interview Experiences

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Experience 1

Name: Concealed Identity

The questions asked and the answers given were as under:

  1. What is the purpose of your trip? I wish to do Masters Degree in Computer Science from the country.
  2. Have you ever been outside India? No, I haven՚t been abroad before:
  3. What is your TOEFL score? 677
  4. What is the highest score in TOEFL? The test was subjective and not online. It was a paper based test.
  5. So you are the highest in TOEFL I just smiled
  6. What is your GRE score? 2310
  7. Which university are you going to? UIUC
  8. who՚s sponsoring you? My parents will be sponsoring me.
  9. What does your dad do? He is a divisional manager in Canara Bank.
  10. Show me his I-T returns! I just removed the returns from the folder to pass it on to him but something else happened. The interviewer slid something across the window. It was my I − 20
  11. Carry this while travelling and collect your VISA at 3 pm.

That was it. No documents were seen by him and my assessment was done.