Visa Formalities: Interview Experiences

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Experience 2

  • Amit՚s profile: (Identity concealed with dummy name)
  • Interviewer: Please show me your I20 card (amit produces his I20) . Interviewer looks at it.
  • Interviewer: What GRE score have you obtained?
  • Amit: 2030
  • Interviewer: Can I have look at your score sheet please (amit submits his GRE score sheet) ?
  • Interwiever: (After looking at the report card) You seem to have a good GRE score.
  • Amit: Thankyou Sir

(Comments-Amit was quite puzzled when the interviewer mentioned his score to be high because usually it is the verbal skills they look upon and he had a high verbal score of 680.)

  • Interviewer: Which university will you be going to study?
  • Amit: Virginia tech.
  • Interviewer: Great. But that՚s a very tough school. Why did you choose such a tough school?
  • Amit: Sir, the course which I aspire to pursue in i.e. is facilities design and I want to get specialization in the subject. Virginia Tech is supposed to be one of the best schools for this specialization. that՚s the reason I have chosen this school.

(comments-One should never just say that the school is high ranked. Rather should talk about the similarity in speciality the school offers and you require. Do not attempt to speak some technical stuff through which the interviewer gets the message that you know what you are going to do.)

  • Interviewer: Have you any financial assistance from the university?
  • Amit: No sir.

(Comment: Always be straight forward when it comes to financial aid status. don՚t attempt to say that I will get once I go to the university … Etc. This will work against you.)

  • Interviewer: who՚s your sponsor?
  • Amit: My parents will be sponsoring me.
  • Interviewer: Do you have any supporting financial documents?
  • Amit: Yes Sir.
  • (Amit now forwards his CA statement.)
  • Interviewer: Do have anything more concrete than this?
  • Amit now forwards his bank statement as he asked for a concrete proof. The interviewer gazes it for a while and returns it back to him.
  • Interviewer: All the best son. Study well!