Visa Formalities: Possible Questions and Answers

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  1. Why do you want to go to US? I want to go to US to pursue my Masters in Business Administration.
  2. Why do you want a degree from US? US is leading the leadership and managerial development as compared to other countries of the world. US B-Schools offers new and advanced courses like Information Technology Management, Entrepreneurship, etc which leads to the practical application of the subject, rather than only focusing on theoritical aspect. There is a lot of flexibility available to choose the subjects we want to pursue. This aspect is not available in our native Universities. Important: don՚t keep your answer very long. Make it to the point. Long explanations are not welcomed.
  3. Why don՚t you study in your nation? As pin pointed, nations other than US keep their focus on theoritical aspect of study which is less useful in the real world. Real world requires practical application of theoritical knowledge. This training is given in the B schools in US. Moreover flexibility as to select the subjects according to our choice is also not available in native countries. Also the research is not encouraged due to lack of infrastructural facilities. These drawbacks are covered in Us.
  4. What is your GMAT/TOEFL score? My GMAT score is 560 and TOEFL score is 250.
  5. Why your verbal score is so low in GMAT? I answered the first few questions incorrectly and I couldn՚t improve my score later even after performing well later. But you can see that the TOEFL score is decent which shows my proficiency in the English language.
  6. How many Applications have you given? Were those applications accepted or rejected? I have applied in 4 universities. Got admission in 1, rejected in another. And the response from the other two are yet to come.
  7. Do you intend to come back? Or What if you are offered a job in US? Yes! I will definitely return back. I have family and economic ties to my native land. I am just going there to customize and enhance my knowledge regarding business which I will be able to apply in my family business, which is ages old now.
  8. What if I reject you? I have tried my level best to fulfill and accomplish all the requirements which one could need to get a visa. With the kind of academic and financial background that I have, I never thought that such a question would ever arise.
  9. Why should I allow you a visa? I have fulfilled all the requirements to get a visa. The matter which concerns the most while applying for a visa, I have satisfied it to the level best. I have a strong educational and financial background and a genuine reason to go to US. So, I expect a visa from you.
  10. Why do you want to do MBA? MBA deals with managing the business. Additionally as I will be practically trained there, I would be able to use the expertise gained over there to expand and diversify my family business. It would help me making my business go global.
  11. Why this University (Do some research over the University and the courses offered there. Mention about the courses and your research. Name the professor if you have read someone՚s research.) ? The first and foremost factor for selecting this university were the courses being offered. It had lot many options which suited my requirement the best. I received positive reviews from the seniors of the college whom I contacted. The course I chose is designed in such a way that it blends the technical aspects of business into a practical usage and leads to an understanding of social, technological, economic and political environment into the core of the program.
  12. What are the courses offered? Or What type of courses are there? The different type of courses offered are economic concept in management, accounting, operation analysis, financial strategy, marketing strategy, entrepreneurship.
  13. How did you come to know about your University? I came to know about the University from Graduate School Magazine of USEFI, internet and email exchanges with the seniors.
  14. What do you know about the University?

The University is located in south-east of Massachusetts, one hour driving distance from Boston and 35 minutes from Providence. The University is surrounded by small towns like New Bedford and Fall River. 60 courses at the level from graduation to postgraduation and undergraduation are available here. Thhese courses are taught by more than 320 full time qualified and technically upgraded faculties. There are more than 7000 students in the University.