Visa Formalities: Possible Questions and Answers

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  1. Supposing you meet someone in the US whom you like, would you consider marrying her? I believe in focusing on my goals. I am not a person who would be swayed away by people or get attracted towards them. I have responsibilites to handle of my family. I am very professional and business minded.
  2. Do you plan to work in the US, supposing on-campus? As i said I am very clear on my goals and at present I only want to focus on my studies. I will complete my studies as early as possible and join my dads business.
  3. Who is sponsoring you? My parents are sponsoring me.
  4. How many members are there in your family? We are six people.
  5. What do your parents do? My father is a Wholesaler in textile business. My mother works part-time in this business (Be specific, if possible) .
  6. Have you any siblings? What do they do? I have two elder brothers of which the eldest is a Chartered Accountant having his own practice. And my other brother is still studying (It has been already mentioned in 156 form that my elder brother is in US on F − 1 visa. This need not be mentioned unless specifically asked lest you should expect some more questions.) .
  7. How will your parents bear the expenses of you and your brother? Last year my brother got the tuition fees waiver and also a scholarship from the University of which I have a photocopy of his I − 20. Also after starting his practise there, he got teaching and research assistantship. Hence he meets all his expenses by himself. My parents do not need to give him financial assistance any more. The fund in the bank is entirely for my educational expenses.
  8. Why the entries in the passbook are recent? We have been doing savings since last few years so as to meet my expennses of higher studies. We lent these savings to close friends and relatives so as to get some interest on our savings. We have now taken this money back. Hence the entries in the passbook (You may give answer as per your opinion) .
  9. What is your parents annual income? My family՚s annual income is ________
  10. Even in this condition of economic recession, you want to go US. Why? I am going there for studies and then after completing my studies, I want to return back. So recession in US would not affect me in any way.
  11. What was your first choice? My first choice was University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth (Prefer to show that the University you got admission in was your first choice. However it doesn՚t matter even if it is not.) .
  12. Why not UIC. It is ranked higher than this? Unlike other Universities, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth offers new and advanced courses like Information technology management, entrepreneurship etc. Besides this, the University has a Business Development center where the students and faculties together do the research work and provides the counseling services to prospective and existing businesses. This is what I actually need for developing my business in India after I get back from US. Hence this choice.
  13. Name some professors of your University? Dr. XYZ, Dr. ABC.
  14. Why have you not applied to ________ University even though you have sent your GMAT score?

I has sent applications to few universities after checking their objectives with mine. After I got selected, I did an extensive research over the Universities. But my requirements did not match as much as with the University՚s requirement. Hence I did not apply to that University.