Letter of Recommendation

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Letter of Recommendation: Sample 1

With immense pleasure I would like to bear the testimony to the abilities and character of Mr. _______________, and state that he was a bona fide student of MSc Civil Engineering in our college. All during this while, I have found him to be dedicated, dutiful, humble, intelligent and regular student of extra-ordinary mental status. Mr. __________________possesses the skills of initiation, leadership, the potential and the ability as well the dedication which is required to make any work successful. In my opinion, he is and will be successful in all paths of life by his hard work, passion, dedication, clear vision and sense of duty.

Through the period that Mr. ________________ was my student and I always found him taking keen interest in the study of his subjects. He was meticulous, attentive, industrious as well as creative in completing his assignments. He has the adaptability to execute his plans well individually as well as in a group. His analytical and laboratory work was outstanding.

__________________Assistant professor