Letter of Recommendation

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Letter of Recommendation: Sample 3

It is my great pleasure to pen down few words about ________. He is my student at the B. Tech. Electrical Engineering where I taught him labs and theory courses of advanced digital system design. He is an aspiring youngster. He continuously strived to perform well and maintain his top grades in the college. During this period I found him very serious and dedicated, committed to his work and always trying to enhance his performance in every area for better quality results. ________has very strong basics on the concepts of electrical engineering. He is very self confident and is able to cope up with his plans independently as well as while in a group.

He has the ability to go well in team. He is regular and dutiful. He takes up his responsibility well while in a team. He is a competent and dedicated graduate and has good understanding of his subject. With his dedication, diligence and hard work I am confident that he will do very well in his further post graduate studies. Looking at his brilliant academic record and strong aptitude for research, I strongly recommend his name for this award and wish him good luck in future endeavors.

________Dr. XYZ