Statement of Purpose

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Statement of Purpose: Sample I

Life is unpredictable path as the next bend is not known and if not carefully driven through, also there are chances of an accident. Even I am at that junction of life where the path ahead of me is not visible and I have to decide the bend which would take me a safe way ahead.

I had lot many choices from which I had to decide my path. The choice hasn՚t been so easy for me as this choice will be my future, with what I will have to live my entire life. Various factors mattered considering which I had to make a decision. I had to decide the career path which would give me happiness doing work in the long run of my life, along with the mental satisfaction, worldly pleasures as well as the success label.

While going through all the factors that I felt would give me happiness, I came to a realization that nothing but stduy in an American University would be just the right choice for me. I have had indepth strolling with the ideas and with the reviews received and learnt from relatives and books, I have come to a decision that nothing but this, satisfies all my needs. The standard of education that the colleges in USA offer and the practicality that it offers attracts me towards the country. Also with the advanced research facilities available, USA is my obvious choice.

My fascination towards ‘Solid Mechanics’ developed when I was in the 10th grade. This was when I read a book on ‘Preliminary mechanics’ by ‘R. S. Khurmi’ which was recived by me as a gift for a scholarship sponsored by N. S S I. Reading the book, I got deeply involved in the study of complexities of different structures so much as that I love to observe and design the machine components. With my interest developing towards the subject, I am now determined to study the subject deeply and to do some valuable research in the field.

As a beginner, I had always loved to consider the design of a structure or machine components. My interest begins where it is neccesary for the elements used in machines to perform with great reliability and accuracy. The selection of metals and their functions have always tempted me towards Solid Mechanics. I get admired when the engineers come upon the scientific challenges faced by them and also consider the financial constraints. With these constraints lingering amidst their goal, they reach their final result. Thus I got fascinated toward the tasks of an engineer specialized in ‘Solid mechanics’ and I longed to be one.

It is necessary for the designer to be able to calculate stresses, deflections and buckling loads, and to be able to relate to them to the appropriate limiting safe values in practice. The efforts the engineers make to correlate all the different factors of the metals and the components required, keeping in mind the nature of the machine, shape of the component, heat required to make the component makes the study and research on ‘solid mechanics’ interesting enough. Often dreams and goals are set according to one՚s budding interests. My interest in the field helped realize what I would best fit in and how I should shape my future.

However it is a truth that only possessing ‘Basic Technical Knowledge’ is not enough when you have to get in a complicated field as Research. Hence for the various soft skills that are required, I actively involved myself in organizations like Rotract (a youth wing of Rotary International) and AAES (Association Of Automobile Engineering Students) which has really helped me a lot in developing my leadership qualities, organizational skills, communication skills and improved my adaptability to work in a group with utmost sincerity and dedication. With these qualities within me, I am assured I have all the attributes of a good research man.

The field of ‘Solid Mechanics’ has developed rapidly in recent years with application in the field of ‘axial, bending and torsion stresses’ I have always dreamt about being engineers specialized in ‘Applied mechanics’ and I have discovered that there are many opportunities for advances, in the field of ‘Stresses’ in ‘Solid Mechanics’ Therefore, I would like to make it to your university to do an advanced research in this field.

From the survey I have gone through, it has come to me that your university is the best place where I can carry on and proceed with my advanced study and research. So I have decided to apply to the university so that I can fulfill my dreams and have a good and challenging career.

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