Statement of Purpose

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Statement of Purpose: Sample II

I am a senior year undergraduate student, currently pursuing my ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING in ________ INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY under the ________ UNIVERSITY, a pioneer university in ________ (country) . After the completion of my undergraduate study, I aspire that I should fetch the knowledge regarding the same subject i.e.. . ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING at my graduation level also. As I already stated my academic background, objectives in pursuing graduate study and my career goals, I would like to emphasize that my inclination towards the scientific research is heriditary. I come from a family which had a strong inclination towards science and I have the same pursuit towards science. I love to innovate and encourage new research and development. As a result of this, my grades in school have always been good. I also attended many seminars and workshops regarding the subject. This interest itself persuaded me towards the science stream at the pre university level. I stood among the top 5 % scorers in EAMCET-97, a state wide common entrance test for aspirants seeking admission in engineering courses. Given the choice of choosing a stream, I took up ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING as my undergraduate major. This decision was taken majorly looking at the prospects of development that the field offers. And now I have developed an in-depth inclination towards the subject.

My undergraduate study of four years has made me realize that Engineering is so much an art as much as it is a science. It requires creativity, excellence and moreover it aims at the overall development of the individual in theoritical as well as practical aspects. Much into this field since past four years, I have acquainted with topics such as PULSE AND DIGITAL CIRCUITS, ELECTRONIC CIRCUIT DESIGNING, POWER SYSTEMS, POWER LELCTRONICS etc. I also focused on having technological knowledge which is required in current times. The topics included operating systems like UNIX, WINDOWS, and programming languages like C, C ++ , and packages like ORACLE. During the period of my schooling, I participated in various workshops and seminars conducted by my department and also by various educational organizations where I met dignitaries and intellectuals of my field with whom I got a chance to interact and they further motivated me to move ahead in the field and pursue my career in it. When my determination met the response of eminent persons, I has well decided my career and now I wish to be a part of this Electronics industry and contribute my share in its advancement.

My fields of interest range over a wide spectrum of areas; however I am especially fascinated by VLSI designing, POWER ELECTRONICS, ELECTROMAGNETICS & CONTROL SYSTEMS. I am confident that my undergraduate study has provided me with sufficient knowledge of fundamentals in order to take up any one of these as my specializations in my graduate study.

Research is my desire. I wish to pursue a research oriented career after my graduation. I believe research requires high level intelligence, strong determination, a lot of patience and ofcourse hard work without which nothing can be undertaken. I am quite assured that my goals can be easily fulfilled in your institute with the set of experienced and highly qualified faculties you have. The extra-ordinary research infrastructure and the resources that your institute has will help me give my contribution to the field. Ofcourse, the assistantship will go along and provide me motivation to lead in the direction of my goals. I am confident that with my graduate program in USA I will reap the benefits of exposure to a fast changing scientific environment.

I thank you for giving me an opportunity to express myself.

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