Statement of Purpose

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Statement of Purpose: Sample III

Today industrialisation has spread its wings in the country. This has been possible due to the revolution that has been brought in the country due to acceptance and development of new technology.

As the economists say as the use of technology increase, increases the production. With the rise in production, consumption of people also increases, thereby giving a kick to the economy of the country.

During my past two years tenure of job in one of the leading industry of my country, I have realized that though the technological power stands by us, we are not able to function properly and make optimum utilization of the plant capacity which ultimately is a loss to the company as well as the country, at large. This problem is of electrical power which is very irregular and uncertain. Huge plants suffer a lot even if there is a power failure even for a minute. It we compare our power system with power system of USA, then power system of USA is much more stable & pure, means without variation of voltages and frequency.

This led me to a determination to get my country through off this problem. And for this, I wish to pursue my MS Electrical Engineering course in your country as it is my opinion that by studying on this subject in your country which is developed enough, I will get to know the latest advancements in the field. Then with the help of this knowledge, I will try to strike a balance between power demand and power generation which is extremely important for the progress of my country.

The education in your institution is broadened and develops and expands the mind-set of a person. The elective courses that you offer along with the foundation is quite appealing. I believe that your university is an ideal place for aspiring students like me. I would love to be a part of such institute, which besides having reputed name, also offers a proper environment to study.

With the liberalization that my country has permitted, I wish to then establish power generation units, which I think, will able to offer back what my country has given to me and serve the mankind at the same time. However this goal of mine will not be accomplished without your support. I shall be highly thankful, if you would give me the opportunity to fulfill my life՚s ambitions.

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