Statement of Purpose

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Statement of Purpose: Sample IV

I, ________ have always believed in passing all the hardships and obstacles to reach to the goal. I have always followed this principle to succeed through the various hurdles that came my way while pursuing my studies. I aspire to contribute in the field of science for the benefit of my society. I believe that only an intensive study and comprehensive research work in my field of interest would put me on the right track to achieve my goals.

As per my interest, I went for graduation in Electrical & Electronics engineering at ________ College (Affiliated to ________ University, ________City) as I was fascinated by the role that the field plays in improvising the infrastructural development of the country and also the versatility and research options that it offers. Through my years of study, I have got a catch of the basic concepts of the electrical field. My focus on both theoritical and practical aspects of the study lead me to be topper of my class.

As a student of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, the subjects that interested me were Analog and Digital electronic circuits, Microprocessors & Micro-controllers, Power Electronics and IC Design. I developed an inclination towards electronic circuits. During this tenure, I got a chance to read technical articles and papers which led me to take up a course on ‘VLSI DESIGN AND VHDL PROGRAMMING’ at PSG College of Technology, Combinatory. This interest was boosted by my faculties and my inner desire and hence I chose my project topic of Smart card design using VHDL Programming. I also attended a workshop and training program at UMS Radio Factory, which further helped me practically to this field.

I also took up 2-year course at APTECH Computer Education, a renowned institution and completed it during my course tenure. To get along with the current technology which would also be useful in my field, I took training in languages such as C, C ++ , UNIX, ORACLE 8.0 and Developer 2000. I am capable of working in both DOS and WINDOWS environments. I am also exposed to concepts such us Network Technologies and Objects Oriented Analysis & Design. Also presently, I am pursuing a Course on JAVA and Web Designing concepts. This would further allow me express my ideas effectively.

I wish to dedicate my career in research after completing the Master՚s degree. This is believe requires a strong determination, patience, creativity and a lot of hard work.

I realize that your University can help me achieve my goals. With the well-qualified and experienced faculties that you have, I am sure I will be motivated enough to work in my direction with the resources that will offer a high degree research work. I wish you give me a chance to give my contribution in this field as without your help I would not be able to get there.

I assure you my best performance with the best mannerism. I look forward to prove myself.