Statement of Purpose

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Statement of Purpose: Sample V


My interest in Electrical engineering has developed since I was in my earlier teens. This interest grew into passion and then finally determination to become an Electrical engineer and research in the field of Electrical Engineering. This goal, apart from giving me success in the endevour of life, will also give me self-satisfaction, leading me to the path of self-actualization.

Plans for Undergraudaute Studies

I wish to do my graduate studies so that I get thorough knowledge of basic concepts which are essential to carry out researches of big order. Majorily, my inclination in this subject is towards topics as power system protection and switchgears, high voltage engineering and Programmable logic controllers. These topics have fascinated me since a long time.

Academic Background

My school life has played an important role in shaping the persona which I have at present. My teachers, all the way through my schooling have liked me because of my hard work, sincerity and politeness. I have always been the best at mathematics and physics. And this was the reason I obviously chose the same in my 10 + 2 level. My attraction in the Electrical field was as much as today even that time, due to which I also participated in various competitions, seminars for the same. I was placed in the top 1 % of approximately 70,000 students who took TCET, a state level entrance exam for Engineering, for which I got admission into ________ Engineering College, one of the most reputed and premiere colleges of the state.

I have learnt Electrical Technology, Transmission and distribution, Electronic devices which are considered the basics of this subject in my first two years of engineering. Also the basics of my learning included topics such as lap lace transforms, Fourier transforms, 3D geometry complex variables and numerical analysis.

In my seventh semester, I had done a project title ________ with ________Corporation which, as you might know, a very prestigious and respected organization of the country. This project was aided by the Government of Netherlands underneath which we designed a water level indicator which is portable, economical and accurate in measuring the depths of water.

Activities Beyond Curriculum

My extracurricular activities goes a long list which range from sports to theatre to adventure and social activities. I have participated in dramas and theatres for various different social causes. Also I love event management and have been fortunate enough to be part of many. I also provided the junior students with valuable assistance in their laboratory activities. Apart from this I am a nature lover. I love to observe nature and be a part of it which has lead me to various adventure camps. There, along with fulfilling my hobby of being with nature, I got an opportunity to interact with various types of students and exchange views with them.

My Traits

I am hardworking, industrious, creative and sincere by nature. I have a strong inclination towards learning new things. I consider self-satisfaction as the biggest fruit of work. Working with honesty is the mantra that I follow and believe reaps the best fruits for you. I am a cheerful person. I can withstand failures as well as the success. And these attributes, I am sure will continue to abide by me till the end.

My Goals

I am determined to make an invaluable contribution to the field Of Electrical engineering. I am sure that as I pursue my masters at your esteemed university, I will be able to gather all the knowledge which will help me fulfill my goal of doing research. And also the final goal of any person of self-actualization along with getting self-satisfaction.