Competitive Exams: International Current Affairs 2007

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International Current Affairs 2007

India and China team Up to tackle West on Climate Pact (8, Dec 2007)

India and China along with other G − 77 countries begun a strong campaign against the pressure mounted at Bali by the industrialized countries to trash the existing global climate change treaty called the UN Framework Convention on Climate change. If the industrialized countries have their way it could see India taking on green house gas emissions which it contends would slow down the country՚s economic growth. India is demanding that the process of reviewing the industrialized country՚s failure to reduce their emissions despite existing binding commitments be carried on separately than the discussion on the long term future commitments. But the industrialized countries have been pushing hard for a merger of both the issues.

India, China may win battle for Climate fund (6, Dec 2007)

India and China are close to bringing an international fund to help developing and poor countries adapt to climate changes revived. The two emerging economies along with other developing and poor nations have forced the agenda onto the table at the UN global meet on climate change in Bali. The move hopes to revive fund which has been defunct for almost a decade. The fund at present made out of a 2 % cess on the carbon trade is meant to help non industralized countries adapt to emerging threats from climate change such as protecting coasts against rising sea level. But the kitty for the poor countries has gathered a mere $ 67 million in the past decade.

World headed for ecological disaster-HDR (28, Nov 2007)

The warning against carbon emissions just got more urgent. The UN Human Development Report said on Tuesday that unless the global community agrees to cut emissions by half by 2050 the world will face huge economic setbacks and ecological catastrope. The poor nations would be hit the hardest as they are the least equipped to face nature՚s fury manifest in devastating storms and droughts.

Fidel Castro in grave condition (17, Jan 2007)

Ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro is in very grave condition after three failed operations and complications from intestinal infection. Cuba has released little information on Castro՚s condition since he temporarily ceded power in July 2006 to his brother, Defence Minister Raul Castro. This prompted much speculation in the country and around the world.

Emergency declared in Bangladesh (12, Jan 2007)

A state of emergency was declared in Bangladesh prior to general elections on January 22. President Iajuddin Ahmed stepped down as head of Bangladesh՚s interim government due to pressure from the Awami League led alliance. Night curfew was imposed in the country fearing violence in the wake of the decision of the alliance led by Awami League chief to stay away from the elections, pressing for the removal of Ahmed as head of the interim government to ensure free and fair polls.

Clashes in Bangladesh (8, Jan 2007)

There were renewed clashes in Bangladesh between police and political activists two weeks before parliamentary elections. At least 50 people were injured and 30 detained on the second day of a transport blockade called by former Prime minister Sheikh Hasina՚s multi party alliance, which is boycotting the January 22 polls. As the violence spread, caretaker President Iajuddin Ahmed summoned army chief Lieutenant General Moiuddin U. Khan to review the situation.

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