Competitive Exams: Current Affairs National 2008 (Part 1 of 3)

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Terror attacks in Mumbai Nov 27 2008

Major terror attacks took place in Mumbai on Wednesday. Explosion and firing from various parts of the city took place. Twenty people are reported to have been dead and 348 injuredUnofficial reports give death toll as 60. Maharashtra Director General of Police A. N. Roy said that seven attacks took place three of them encounters. A. K. Sharma reported that 2 and 3 persons carrying AK. 47 rifles and grenades entered the Chattrapati Shivaji Terminu8s with AK 47 rifles at 8.35 and indiscrimately opened fire. Outside the Trident Hotel two low intensity explosions and firing was reported. In Colaba firing took place too. Police has been on high alert and people were rushed to hte hospitals. Centre has rushed NSG commandos to Mumbai.

Heavy Rains in Chennai Nov 27 2008

Cyclone name Nishais siad to be the cause of heavy rains wand winds in several parts of chennai. Due to incessant rain nearly 20 flights were affected. In many places road were flooded. Local Administration Ministrator Stalin inspected relief measures in North Chennai. 1500 food packets were distributed. Local helpline number-1913 was put to look after complaints of water stagnation and such flood relief measures.

Turkish consulate to be opened n Mumbai soon Nov 27 2008

Ravi Chaudhary representative of the investment support and promotion Agency of Turkey (ISPAT) said that Turkey will have consulate in Mumbai in next Three months. By 2010 − 2011 new consulate would be established in either Chennai and Bangalore.

Fuel prices likely to lower after elections Nov 26,2008

Murli Deora linked over the roll back of petroleum prices after the assembly elections. This will take place in six states. Reasoning that of the international crude oil prices having gone down this decision would take place after polls. The prices of petrol had climbed by ₹ 5/-diesel by 3/-a litre and domestic LPG by ₹ 50 per cylinder when the international crude oil rate was record high. In July 2008 India՚s crude basket was $ 45.54 per barrel just recently on Monday when international price had reached $ 147 in July.

Legendary Goal Keeper Peter Thangaraj is no more. Nov 26,2008

Peter Thangaraj the goal keeper of Indian football team has passed away. In 1962 Indian team won the gold in Jakarta Asian Games of which he was the goal keeper. He is survived by his wife, one son and three daughters. He was voted as Asia՚s finest goal keeper in 1958. He has played for India between 1954,1968. He played for India in four Asiads in 1954,1958, 1962 and 1966. He was an Arjuna Awardee.

Nano roll out decided from Gujarat ( 7th October 2008) .

The proposed site for the manufacture of nano car has been decided in Gujarat. The site near Sanand, 25 kms from the western side of Ahmedabad has been selected. The formalities for the allotment of 1000 acres of land to the Tatas is all cleared. The land is located in 2200 acre campus which was owned by the Anand Agriculture University before its being given back to the governement. It is used as a cattle and seed farm. After much looking for other places after the Singur՚s drop out, many state governments have been inviting tata to invest in their state.

Assam Violence ( 7th October 2008)

Violence in Assam has been going on between Bodo rebels and Bangladeshi migrants. First clashes broke out in Assam՚s Udalguri and Darrang districts. Five hundred houses have been set ablaze till the update of this news, over one lakh people are sheltering in relief camps. Four companies of BSF were deployed and more have to come.

State government spokes man Himanta Biswa Sarma has accused the National Democratic Front if Bodoland (NDFB) of being involved in ethnic-cleansing in the Bodoland Territorial Administered Districts (BTAD) . The government threatens to look again over the ceasefire agreements. The media is said to have potrayed the ongoing clash as ethnic cleansing and not communal as said by Sarma who is the health Misnister after visiting troubled Udalguri and Darrang Districts.

Police is using Helicopters for patrolling in Assam to stops attacks over the Bangladeshi migrants. Clashes in the past have killed thousands of mainly Bangladeshi migrants.

Attack on Christians ( 7th October 2008)

The recent attack on Christians in Orrisa, has caught headlines everywhere. This air is already tense due to the active work of christian missionaries there which is strongly despised by the hindu fundametalists. Since the work also leads to lot of conversions into christianity, occassionally christian missionaries become target of attack due to this. Recently the leader of Bajrang Dal (a radical section of the Hindu nationalist organisation RSS, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) , Swami Lakshmananda Saraswati was murdered. It is percieved to be done by Christians, as the Bajrang Dal leader was sharp opponent of the missionary work particularly of conversions. His murder lead to severe backlash with mass murders, burning of churches, etc.

Though the Maoist group ownes up the killing of the leader but Bajrang Dal activists and their other well wishers deny it. They say his murder does not serve the interests of the maoist group so they don՚t see enimity with Maoists in his murder. Attacks have also spread to Mangalore in Karnataka state. Both in Orrisa and Karnataka BJP is in power and Karnataka CM is also reported to have asked for cessation of forcible conversions by the christians. In reality no one can forcibly convert into chrisitianity as it is a matter of faith and belief and that is what is the main thing in conversion. Superior General of christian missionary Sister Nirmala has written letter to the Orrisa CM for provision of proper security for the christians under attack. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Willams, has expressed deep anguish over the attack and destruction on christian interests and has hoped for rebuilding and good future.

US India Business Council cancels visit to Kolkata ( 19th Sept 2008)

US India Business Council (USIBC) delegation has cancelled its visit to Kolkata. The backup of TATA in nano small car manufacturing from Singur in West Bengal is said to be the reason.

USIBC president Ron Somers disclosed of the cancellation due to the political turmoil created due to Singur controversy. Because of this hope of new investment thereby opportunities for new jobs have dwindled for now. It was however mentioned that the go ahead may be possible in future if the circumstances become more favourable.

USIBC delegates however would visit Hyderabad and Delhi for opening up of more business opportunities in agriculture, retail, real estate and supply chain management. The reason cited for the cancellation by the US consulate in Kolkata was because of time pressure.

Blasts in Delhi kill around thirty and wound hundreds ( 13th Sept 2008)

India bled on Saturday. The evil head of terrorism raised its ugly head again this time in Delhi, killing the innocents and wounding many. The death toll has reached nearly 30 and hundred others wounded. Home Minister Shivraj Patil has called upon all security personnel to review the security arrangements across the country. Home Secretary Madhukar Gupta told of streamlining the security measures in various ways and the home ministry has listed of precautionary measures to aware the citizens with do՚s and don՚ts.

Five blasts took place within 40 minutes beginning at around 6: 15 pm (1245 GMT) , in the city՚s crowded Ghaffar Market, Connaught Place and Greater Kailash leaving complete havoc and chaos. At least 4 bombs were defused also. Delhi police has assured of cracking the case soon and bringing the culprits to justice.

British Justice Minister Jack Straw who was in Delhi for a three day visit expressed his anguish and cited urgency for UK and India to jointly work in countering this menace. He conveyed of the British PM Gordon Brown՚s worry over this issue. Messages from across the world have been pouring with condemnation over the blasts.

The former president and Missile Man A. P. J Abdul Kalam, has given points in countering terrorism with more effectiveness that is, by implementation for strong anti terror law, stringent punishment and faster justice, effective participation of people for effective gathering of intelligence in all levels. He also called for National citizen identity card to be issued for keeping tab on individuals.