Competitive Exams: International Current Affairs 2009 (Part 1 of 3)

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An Iraqi TV reporter threw his shoes at President Bush during a news conference. Muntadhar al-Zaidi, a reporter for the TV channel Al-Baghdadia, faced testing for alcohol and drugs to determine his state of mind, said a government official.

At Sunday՚s news conference, the journalist whipped off his shoes and hurled them at Bush during the president՚s unannounced stop in Baghdad. The reporter called his shoe-throwing, a traditional insult in Arab culture, a farewell kiss to a dog who launched the 2003 invasion of Iraq

This is the farewell kiss, you dog, the man shouted in Arabic. After the incident Bush apparently said that he was ok and dismissed the incident as an example of a healthy democracy and an example of free speech.

Climate Conference in Copenhagen 6 to 18 December 2009 ( 16th Dec 2009)

In 2012 the Kyoto Protocol to prevent climate changes and global warming runs out. To keep the process on the line there is an urgent need for a new climate protocol. At the conference in Copenhagen 2009 the parties of the UNFCCC meet for the last time on government level before the climate agreement need to be renewed. Therefore the Climate Conference in Copenhagen is essential for the worlds climate and the Danish government and UNFCCC is putting hard effort in making the meeting in Copenhagen a success ending up with a Copenhagen Protocol to prevent global warming and climate changes.

Karzai sworn in for second term afghan president ( 19th Nov 2009)

Afghan leader Hamid Karzai was sworn in as president pledging to fight graft and take control of his country՚s security before his five-year term ends, after a fraud-marred election left his image in ruins. Karzai said he hoped Afghanistan՚s own security forces could take responsibility for the entire country within five years, and take the lead in unstable areas within three. It is a goal he will share with his Western backers, who are seeking an exit strategy from the 8-year-old war.

GCC population seen growing to 53 million by 2020 ( 16th Nov 2009)

The population explosion in the Gulf region is predicted to continue with a new report seeing it rising by a third in the next decade. Latest research by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) said the GCC՚s population was likely to hit 53 million by 2020, with the vast majority of people under 25 years old. The rapid growth and the relative youth of the population present serious challenges as well as major opportunities faced by GCC.

Earthquakes shake north Chile ( 15th Nov 2009)

Thousands of Chileans may have to sleep in the streets after a 7.7 magnitude earthquake rattled the north part of the country, killing at least two people, injuring dozens and destroying hundreds of homes. Chile has been the scene of hundreds of strong earthquakes throughout history, including the largest one of the 20th century on May 22,1960.

Sri Lanka military chief ‘quits’ ( 12th Nov 2009)

Sri Lanka՚s armed forces chief Sarath Fonseka, who helped secure the defeat of Tamil Tiger rebels in May, has resigned, opposition politicians say. Gen Fonseka is reportedly considering challenging President Mahinda Rajapaksa in an election to be held before April. He is due to make a speech shortly. The resignation was swiftly accepted by the president Mahindra Rajapaksa.

GSK Donates 50 Million H1N1 Doses to WHO ( 11th Nov 2009)

GlaxoSmithKline signed an agreement with the World Health Organization to donate 50 million doses of adjuvant H1N1 flu vaccine to developing countries around the world. The drug will be available to 95 developing countries despite industry-wide shortfalls affecting the ability of developed nations to inoculate their own citizens. Twenty percent of production from GSK՚s Canadian vaccine production facility has been allocated to developing countries.

Germany marks anniversary of anti-Semitic program ( 9th November 2009)

As Germany celebrated the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall more subdued tributes were held to mark the 71st anniversary of the Nazi՚s Kristallnacht anti-Semitic pogrom. On Kristallnacht. The Night of Broken Glass. At least 91 German Jews were killed, more than 200 synagogues were destroyed, and thousands of Jewish businesses vandalized and looted in state sanctioned, riots. In the capital, a special service was being held at a memorial outside the Jewish Community of Berlin՚s building. The event was also to pay tribute to Anne Frank, whose poignant diary has inspired countless people.