Competitive Exams: Current Affairs 2011: Books & Authors

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Books and Authors

  • A Rainbow in the Night Nelson Mandela and the Tumultous Birth of South Africa Dominque Lapierre Padma awardee French writer of famous book Freedom at Midnight
  • The congress and The making of Indian Nation edited by Pranab Mukherjee (FM)
  • Convenient Action: Gujarat՚s Response to Climate Change Narendra Modi (Gujarat՚s Chief minister) Second politician to write a book on climate change.
  • An Inconvenient Truth Al Gore (former US Vice-President)
  • ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES Unconstitutional and Tamperable: Subramanian Swamy (Janata Party president)
  • SHREE RAMAYANA MAHANVESHANAM M. Veerappa Moily; Union Minister of Law and Justice Veerappa Moily got the prestigious Moortidevi Award for this book
  • Raghunath Mashelkar How relevant is Mahatma Gandhi in the 21st century? As many as 46 eminent Indians from various fields were asked this question by Raghunath Mashelkar, the internationally acclaimed scientist, former CSIR director, and their responses are presented in this book.
  • The Sunset Club Khushwant Singh
  • India China Boundary Problems, 1846 to 1947 A. G. Noorani, an eminent lawyer, historian and political
  • Commentator
  • Wolf Hall Hilarey Mantel She won the 2009 Man Booker Prize for her novel Wolf Hall In the line of Fire Parvez Musharraf
  • My Life With the Taliban Taliban՚s former ambassador to Islamabad, Abdul Salam Zaeef. The book provides a description of the movement from the inside, which differs on many points from the western view.
  • THE WTO AND INDIA-Edited by Alokesh
  • Issues and Negotiating Strategies Barua and Robert M. Stern
  • THE BRIDGE The Life and Rise of Barack Obama David Remnick
  • Such a Long Journey Rohinton Mistry The book Such a Long Journey was withdrawn by the Vice-Chancellor of Mumbai University from II B. A. Syllabus after the Shiv Sena՚s student wing alleged that the book contained derogatory remarks about Maharashtrians.
  • Destination Moon India՚s quest for the Moon, Mars and Beyond Pallava Bagla (correspondent for SCIENCE magazine)
  • The Immortals Amit Chaudhuri was among the six books shortlisted for a new major $ 50,000 literary prize-the DSC Prize for South Asian Literature.
  • Home Boy. H M Naqvi, Karachibased novelist Winner of the DSC Prize for South Asian Literature.
  • India after Gandhi: The History of the World՚s Largest Democracy Ramachandra Guha, historian
  • Makers of modern India Ramachandra Guha, historian

Courtesy: The Hindu and Times of India

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