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2011 BRICS Summit

Place: Sanya on the island of Hainan, China

Date: 14 April 2011

BRIC to BRICS: Following a meeting in Brasilia in 2010, to which South Africa was invited as a guest, the group invited South Africa to join as a full member in 2011 and the group formerly called BRIC officially became BRICS.

Theme: Broad Vision, Shared Prosperity.


  • China was lobbied by the other leaders to import not only commodities but also value added products and other commodities such as oil, soybeans and iron ore.
  • Brazil and India also pressed China to buy such goods as Brazilian aircraft and Indian pharmaceuticals; the tw-states also complained about the artificially undervalued yuan that they claimed was undermining their exports.
  • All five countries also called for an early conclusion to deadlocked talks an anti-terror law under UN auspices that would curtail funding for illegal groups that partake in violence against states and deny their supporters access to funds, arms, and safe havens.
  • All BRICS countries called for comprehensive reform of the UN, including its Security Council.
  • China said it would endorse the aspirations of India, Brazil and South Africa for permanent membership of the UNSC.
  • Coincidentally, the five countries are all now members of the Security Council, China and Russia as permanent members and the other three non-permanent.
  • The 5 BRICS countries will henceforth give credits to one another in their national currencies solely.
  • The leaders of BRICS states expressed misgivings about NAT-air strikes and urged an end to the two-month conflict in Libya.


Summit Participant Date Host country Host leader Location 1st BRIC June 16,2009 Russia Dmitry Medvedev Yekaterinburg 2nd BRIC April 16,2010 Brazil Luiz Inaci-Lula da Silva Brasilia 3rd BRICS April 14,2011 China Hu Jinta-Sanya

4th ⚹ BRICS 2012 India Manmohan Singh New Delhi

International Renewable Energy agency-IRENA meeting

  • Held at Abu Dhabi, UAE (interim headquarter of the agency)
  • The world՚s first intergovernmental agency on renewable agency was established in 2009 with the main objective of fostering international cooperation and promoting international understanding on renewable energy.
  • India has been associated with the formation of IRENA from the beginning and was among the first 25 countries to ratify its statute.
  • Its statute entered int-force on 8 July 2010.
  • T-Date 148 states and the European Union signed the Statute of the Agency.
  • On 4 April 2011, Adnan Amin was sworn in as the first Director-General. Related info:
  • India today stands among the top five countries of the world in terms of renewable energy capacity with an installed base of over 19000 MW of grid interactive renewable power which is around 11 % of our total installed capacity.
  • In addition, it adds about 2500 MW of renewable power annually

Fourth Ministerial Consultation of Colomb-Process

  • Held in Dhaka
  • The Colomb-Process is a Regional Consultative Process on the management of overseas employment and contractual labour for countries of origins in Asia.
  • According to best estimates, over 2.5 million Asian workers leave their countries every year under contract t-work abroad.
  • The ten initial participating states-Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam-made recommendations for the effective management of overseas employment programs and agreed to regular follow-up meetings. 1st 2003-Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2nd 2004-Manila, Philippines, 3rd 3005-Bali, Indonesia

Courtesy: The Hindu and Times of India