Competitive Exams: Current Affairs 2011: Exercises and Operations

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Exercises and Operations

Singapore Indian Maritime Bilateral Exercise (SIMBEX)

The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) and the Indian Navy (IN) are conducting the annual Singapore Indian

Maritime Bilateral Exercise (SIMBEX) from 18 to 25 Mar 2011. Hosted by Singapore, this yearีšs exercise is the 18th in the series of bilateral exercise held since 1994. The exercise comprises a shore phase, already held at the Changi

Naval Base and a sea phase currently being carried out in the South China Sea.


  • MALABAR is an annual bilateral exercise between Indian Navy and US Navy. On tw-occasions, Japanese Navy and one occasion Australian and Singaporean Navies have participated in the same.
  • Thirteen exercises of MALABAR series have so far been conducted.
  • Out of 13 exercises, 11 have been held off Indian Coast and 2 in the Pacific. The exercises were he

Courtesy: The Hindu and Times of India

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