Competitive Exams: Current Affairs 2011: India and World

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India and World

India Calls for Promotion of Southo South Cooperation and Strengthening of Partners in Population and Development PPD

  • Partners in Population and Development PPD is an intergovernmental initiative created specifically for the purpose of expanding and improving Southo to-South collaboration in the fields of reproductive health, population and development. PPD was launched at the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development ICPD, when ten developing countries from Asia, Africa and Latin America formed an intergovernmental alliance to help implement the Cair-Program of Action POA. This POA, endorsed by 179 nations, stresses the need to establish mechanisms to promote development through the sharing of experiences in Reproductive Health RH and Family Planning FP within and among countries and to promote effective partnerships among the governments, Non-Governmental Organizations NGOs, research institutions and the private sector.
  • India is currently the Chairman of PPD and China is the Vice-Chair. The Secretariat of PPD is situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Annual Meeting of PPD in 2010 was held at Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The 2011 Annual Meeting of PPD is being held in South Africa in November, 2011.

The Challenges to Indian Diplomacy in the 21st Century

  1. In the first place and in terms of geography, our immediate neighborhood would be critical for regional stability and cooperation and the accretion of comprehensive national power by India.
  2. The second challenge would be the emergence of Asia, as probably the most important locus of global power.
  3. The third challenge would be to create an enabling international environment for unhindered economic development and growth, including through mutually beneficial arrangements concerning raw materials and markets for goods and services.
  4. The fourth challenge is to foster a rule based international order underpinned by strong and functioning multilateral institutions.
  5. The fifth challenge is to evolve a consensual approach, along with all major and minor powers, of dealing with the regimes regulating global commons.
  6. A sixth challenge is the requirement to respond in real time to unanticipated happenings, political, economic or environmental and to have at hand the intellectual and organisational resources to d-so adequately.

India and Brazil Sign Air Services Agreement

It allows both the countries to designate any number of airlines on reciprocal basis, unlike in the past when only one airline each was allowed.

India and Saskatchewan

A Canadian Province Sign MoU to Establish Cooperation in the Field of Mineral Resources

  • The Ministry of Mines and the Ministry of Energy and Resources of the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada, signed a Memorandum of Understanding MoU to establish a cooperation program in the field of Geology and Mineral Resources.
  • The MoU aims at establishing a basis for development of geological and mineral resources, to promote investment in mining and related activities like mineral exploration and development, to encourage and foster mining investment, transfers of technology and joint ventures in India and Saskatchewan. India Pakistan Home Secretary Level talks Conclude
  • Both sides agreed to set up a Hotline between Home Secretary of India and Interior Secretary of Pakistan to facilitate real time information sharing with respect to terrorist threats.
  • Pakistan conveyed its readiness, in principle, based upon the principle of comity and reciprocity, to entertain a Commission from India with respect to Mumbai Terror Attack investigations.
  • Both sides shared the concern of the growing menace of Narcotics/Drugs and agreed that cooperation between NCB of India and ANF of Pakistan should be enhanced to ensure an effective control on drug trafficking.
  • Both sides agreed to set up a Joint Working Group to examine the modalities for streamlining the visa procedure/modalities and for giving a final shape to revision of the Bilateral Visa Agreement.

Courtesy: The Hindu and Times of India

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