Competitive Exams: Current Affairs 2011: Indian Geographical News

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Indian Geographical News

Jal Hansa

  • First sea plane service in country
  • To boost coastal tourism
  • Joint venture between PHHL and Andeman and Nicobar administration

Cessna 208A

  • Canada made eight seater Sea plane
  • Used in Jal Hansa service

Global Centre for Nuclear Energy Partnership

Haryana would host the world՚s first Global Centre for Nuclear Energy partnership at village Kheri Jassaur near

Bahadurgarh in district Jhajjar.

The centre would be set up with the assistance of France, Russia and United Statesfor research and development of secure and proliferation resistant reactor systems.

The Centre would facilitate deliberation and discussions of international experts on various issues including innovation in nuclear reactors and the nuclear fuel cycle, development of proliferation-resistant reactors, security technologies and the effects of radiation exposure, he further added. Note: India announced the same in Washington Nuclear security summit 2010

Indira Sagar Polavaram project

It is a mega project envisaging the construction of a dam across Godavari river, link Krishna and Godavari rivers, develop a vast irrigation system that would cover 15 out of 23 districts in Andhra Pradesh, and generate 960 mw power. It is a part of National River-Linking Project.

Human rights activists came out against the project because of large scale displacement mainly of tribals and environmental issues. Orissa also expressed its concern on the submerging of its land and filed a suit in supreme court.

National River-Linking Project, which works under the aegis of the Indian Ministry of Water Resources, was designed to overcome the deficit in water in the country. As a part of this plan, surplus water from the Himalayan rivers is to be transferred to the peninsular rivers of India.

Experts: Lower Subansiri dam height to prevent disaster.

Gogoi: Technical team must study Subansiri dam safety

Subansari Dam: The Lower Subansari Dam is a 116 meter high concrete dam, 2,000 Mega-Watt under construction hydroelectric power project of NHPC limited, over Subansiri river, a tributary of Brahmaputra located near North Lakhimpur on the border of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. When constructed it will be the largest hydroelectric project in India.

There are various security/environmental concerns has been raised including in a highly seismic zone issue.

Narmada Bachao Andolan completes 25 years

Renuka Dam Project

Also called Parshuram Sagar project is proposed multipurpose hydropower (including water to Delhi) project on Giri river in Himachal Pradesh.

The Union Environment and Forests Ministry has decided not to give its approval on the ground that it would involves cutting down of a large number of trees.


Lavasa is planned, India՚s first hill city since Independence. The project is being developed primarily by HCC India near

Pune and Mumbai and is spread over 25,000 acres (100 km2) of controversially procured land. Construction of the city came to a halt on January 2011 as Indian government ruled it illegal over environmental grounds.

Courtesy: The Hindu and Times of India