Competitive Exams: Current Affairs 2011: Places in News

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Places in News

  • Yeonpyeong Island: Yeonpyeong Island is a group of South Korean islands in the Yellow Sea. In November 2010, North Korean artillery shelled Yeonpyeong with dozens of rounds.
  • Mount Merapi Mount Merapi, Gunung Merapi (literally Fire Mountain in Indonesian/Javanese) , is an active stratovolcano located on the border between Central Java and Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
  • It recently erupted.
  • Kuril archipelago The Kuril Islands in Russia՚s Sakhalin Oblast region, is a volcanic archipelago (group of many islands) .
  • All of the islands are under Russian jurisdiction, but Japan claims the four southernmost as part of its territory, which has led to the ongoing Kuril Islands dispute. Russian president recently visited the island.
  • Haiti Earthquake and Cyclone Tomas
  • Hambantota Port Sri Lanka
  • Brahmaputra Dam in Tibet
  • The dam is being constructed in Shannan Prefecture, Tibet, about 300 kilometers southeast of Lhasa.
  • Cam Ranh Bay Vietnam recently said that the strategic Cam Ranh Bay naval base would not be leased out to any foreign power for military purposes.
  • Kyaukphyu Myanmar has started work on a railway line from its planned deep-sea port at Kyaukphyu to south-western China՚s Yunnan province. The line, which will be completed in 2015, will transport Chinese goods for export, and also be used by China to expand its access to
  • Myanmar՚s natural resources

Courtesy: The Hindu and Times of India