Competitive Exams: Current Affairs 2011: Renaming of Tuticorin Port

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Renaming of Tuticorin Port Trust as V. O. Chidambaranar Port Trust

  • Ports in India are generally named after the city or the town in which these are situated. However, the Government, in special cases, after due consideration have renamed Ports after great leaders in the past.
  • There have been frequent demands from several quarters in Tamil Nadu to rename Tuticorin Port Trust as V. O. Chidambaranar Port Trust. Thiru V. O. Chidambaranar Pillai ( 5th September, 1872 18th November, 1936) hailed from Ottapidararn near Tuticorin in Tamilnadu. As part of Swadeshi movement, he started ‘the Swadeshi Steam Navigation Company’ procured two ships and launched the first indigenous Indian Shipping service between Tuticorin and Colombo in the year 1906. He was an erudite scholar in Tamil, a prolific writer, a fiery speaker, a trade union leader of unique calibre and a dauntless freedom fighter.
  • By renaming the Port of Tuticorin Port Trust as V. O. Chindambaranar, a grateful nation would be remembering the invaluable contribution made by the legendary freedom fighter in its freedom struggle.

Courtesy: The Hindu and Times of India